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Mauricio Umansky is doubling down after deeming Lisa Vanderpump The “rudest” Bravolebrity makes an appearance on Live Streaming: See What Happens This month, earlier.

It took several days for the event to be completed. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills As alumnus clapped back Kyle RichardS‘ husband by suggesting he was acting as someone’s “little puppet,” The Beverly Hills Buying cast member explained his reasoning before sharing if he’s still in touch with the restauranteur’s husband, Ken ToddSharing his thoughts and ideas on Lisa Brandi Glanville‘s potential returns to the Bravo series.

“I just don’t like the way she’s acted with my wife and the way that she took it and all that stuff. I just thought that that was really childish and immature and mean,” Mauricio Part of the shared on The December 8th episode of the Side Piece With Melissa Pfeister podcast, seemingly referring to the Puppy Gate scandal that ended Lisa and Kyle’s years-long friendship.

“That was very mean girl thing and she just didn’t own her sh-t,” He elaborated. “You gotta own your own sh-t and she f-cked up and she didn’t own her own sh-t so yeah, that’s the truth. That’s my perspective on it.”

While Mauricio He acknowledged that he Ken were “always relatively close” prior to the ladies’ falling out, and noted that he likes Ken “a lot,” Both have left their respective paths.

“I think he’s a good man but that is the one where we ultimately… Look, when the wives are no longer getting together, and they are not, I’m gonna stand behind my life every single time. And I agree with my wife on that case,” Mauricio shared.

Bravo could still bring Lisa and Brandi back for another season. Mauricio said he’d be “supportive.”

“That’s the difference between men and women: A man’s world is a lot easier to forgive and forget than the woman’s world,” He reasoned.

Although Kyle and Lisa feuded throughout Lisa’s last season on RHOBH, season nine, the most recent season, season 12, was all about Kyle’s family drama with Kathy HiltonWhich? Mauricio He said that he will stay. “completely out of.”

“I do not get anywhere near that,” He confirmed. “I have no opinion on that. I don’t wanna have an opinion on it. They’re sisters. They are blood. I am not. Whatever they say eventually, one day, will hopefully be forgotten. They’ll make up. You’ll never take away the fact that they’re sisters, they’re blood. I’m not so I’m gonna keep my opinions always to myself on that one, but again always be supportive of Kyle.”

His family is his responsibility. Mauricio Mom said Estella Sneider is Doing “great.”

“She’s hanging in there. She’s doing good. She’s awesome. She’s just a good woman,” He laughed. “My mom and I, we’re only 19 years apart so we’re very close in age, in theory. She [was] a young mom. [Kyle and Farrah Aldjufrie are] the same exact thing: 19 years apart. And then Farrah and Portia are 19 years apart.”

Where? Mauricio When questioned by reporters about his plans to expand his family, Kyle replied that he and Kyle were already planning. “thrilled” As their family is.

“We’re happy. We have a perfect family and I don’t think we… We got blessed with our last one and she’s absolutely amazing,” He laughed. “[And] there was no question [that we’d get another girl].”

Looking back on His appearance on WWHL, Mauricio He said that he enjoyed the experience, Andy Cohen He was certainly faced with tough questions.

“It was the first time in my 12 years I was finally in the hot seat. Andy did not make it easy on me. I was expecting him to be a little bit easier on me and just kinda keep it light but no. We went deep,” He recalled.