LONDON – Prince Harry and His wife Meghan Markel were invited to King Charles III’s May coronation is a landmark event, but the details are not yet available to You can decide to to attend, reports said Sunday.
California couple who eloped in 2020 from the British monarchy amid rising internal tensions. “recently received email correspondence from His Majesty’s office regarding the coronation”According to Britain’s Sunday Times, they spokeswoman for the company.
“An immediate decision on whether the Duke and Duchess [of Sussex] will attend will not be disclosed by us at this time,” They added their representative using their formal titles.
Buckingham Palace declined to comment.
You will receive the report with HarryPrince William, his 38-year-old brother, is becoming increasingly distant from him. and After exposing their broken relationships in a book and Netflix documentary, the rest of the family was left to deal with it. and Numerous interviews.
According to reports, the prince said in his most recent public remarks that he feels traumatized since a long time. “slightly different” to Other British Royals came from the a “broken home” and It was impossible to do so. to pass “trauma” On to his children.
He claimed that William had attacked him in a heated argument during which he published his shocking memoirs. Meghan.
In December, the couple airs their grievances again in a six-hour documentary. They had previously accused the royals of racism for comments they made regarding the skin tone and appearance of their son.
The family discovered this week they were being forced from Windsor, their Windsor estate home. This will leave them with no UK base until later in the year.
They have visited the couple only infrequently to Since you relocated to the country to After Queen Elizabeth II’s sudden death, the United States made a rare and joint appearance in Britain.
Charles, the ascensor to The throne, which his mother has left him after her death, will be officially crowned King in a grand ceremony that takes place on May 6, to Guests from all over the globe will attend and Millions of people are watching.
A star-studded national concert will highlight the festivities “big lunch” and Volunteering initiative as well as traditional ceremonies and Royal processions
It also marks the main coronation date of May 6, to be the fourth Birthday of Harry and Meghan’s son, Archie.