Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Melisa Gorga isn’t buying sister-in-law and co-star Teresa Giudice’s recent claims that she “never watched” Episodes from the past RHONJ.

Teresa first blasted Melissa And brother Joe Gorga In November 2022 interview Former Bravo producer Carlos KingShe said she hadn’t seen the series, calling it an ad. “blessing in disguise” because it would have made Joe’s relationship worse. Melissa.

Melissa Teresa and her family have been involved in an ugly feud ever since Teresa was hurt during filming season 13. Melissa and Joe skipping Teresa’s wedding to her now-husband, Luis Ruelas.

Teresa ended up watching some episodes again and called it the best experience of her life. “devastating and “heart wrenching” As she had seen many past comments, Melissa Joe and she had spoken about them.

“I’m watching everything that my brother and Melissa said about me,” Teresa said. “It’s the worst. Like, I can’t even believe my brother and Melissa would say things like that about me.”

Melissa Is calling her bluff.

“I don’t believe that Teresa never watched the show,” She stated this on her December 2022 podcast episode. Melissa Gorga on Display, Via Heavy. Why is this? The cast has been required to write weekly blogs reacting to the prior week’s RHONJ Episodes since 2004.

“We would have to recap the whole entire episode, word for word,” Melissa continued. “She [Teresa] recapped everything. I don’t know who was writing her blogs, then, if she never watched any of the episodes – it makes zero sense.”

Melissa Also, Teresa was accused “digging” To keep the conversation going, we must revisit old topics. “I hate Melissa” storyline.

“You’re digging, reaching for anything, because you have nothing to be mad at,” The “On Display” singer claimed. “I would respect [her] more saying, ‘Listen, I just don’t want you in my life. I don’t have to make up a thousand reasons as to why you’re a sh–ty person, and why I don’t like you, and why I’m hurt.’”

Margaret JosephsWho was there? Melissa Listen to the podcast and agree with Melissa’s assessment.

“’Why are you talking about things from ten years ago?’” Margaret stated that Teresa had asked her. “It’s not fun and it’s not healthy. I don’t understand where it’s coming from.”

You can do it either way. Melissa a statement that she was “done” Teresa

“I got off the roller coaster,” Melissa Submitted PEOPLE. “I don’t want to be on it anymore.”