“That’s the goal, to win a championship again and go to March,” Minor, a 6’8 forward after scoring 19 points in the first half and seven rebounds during the second. the win. “I’m just thankful. We can’t control whether or not we go this year, but next year we’ll be able to be eligible. So I’m just blessed.”

Eleven schools, including MerrimackYou are in a phase of moving right now. to Section I and Subject to the The decades-old rule of transition. But why isn’t a Teamwork is a strength to Win its conference tournament to Participate in the sport’s biggest event? This is the reason for the rule is an N.C.A.A. spokeswoman stated in an email that rule, an N.C.A.A. to Allow these schools to get to For facilities and scholarship requirements, Division I standard for athletic programs.

“Originally, N.C.A.A. members in Division I instituted a two-year process for reclassification, but that was doubled when teams began to make the jump and were unable to sustain Division I membership because they made the move too soon and could not keep up financially,” the Meghan Durham spoke on behalf of the company. “It’s meant to protect universities from taking on more expense than they can handle.”

Merrimack Joe Gallo, Coach, led the Warriors to An NEC regular season championship was held in 2019-20 by the NEC, who became the First team to You win a Conferencing title the First season of transitioning to Division 1. Since joining the NEC, the Warriors are winners a They won 64 percent of regular-season conference matches, a league record. Fairleigh Dickinson’s win was their eleventh. a row and could also add to If they choose, that sum would be the total to You can play the College Basketball Invitational isn’t affiliated with the N.C.A.A., but Gallo said, “I think we are done.”

You don’t need to know this! to say, Gallo isn’t a Huge fan of the N.C.A.A. transition rule.

“I hope moving forward for the kids’ sake, something is done about it, because for four years what you’re doing is, you’re taking a kid’s whole career out of the equation,” Gallo said in the lead-up to the conference title game. “You’re basically telling a kid, ‘You can’t compete in the postseason for your whole career.’”