LONDON – Britain faces significant security threats from Russia and China IranThese all use coercion or intimidation to inflict and/or violence to You can pursue your interests. UK’s domestic intelligence spy chief Wednesday,
Ken McCallumDirector-general MI5Additional to mounting warnings from British authorities about Russia’s aggression and China’s growing assertiveness. He also singled him out Iran As a growing concern, say UK Authorities have discovered at least 10 “potential threats” This year to “kidnap or even kill British or UK-based individuals perceived as enemies of the regime.”
He stated: Iran’s intelligence services “are prepared to take reckless action” Both on Western soil as well as by luring people, you can defeat your opponents to Iran.
The following week, UK government summoned Tehran’s top London diplomat for dressing down, accusing Iran Of threatening journalists working in Britain. UKSatellite news channel in Farsi language based Iran International reported that two British journalists had been warned by British police about the incident. “an imminent, credible and significant risk to their lives and those of their families.”
In a speech, he outlines the main threats to The UK McCallum warned that both terrorist groups and hostile states pose a threat to McCallum’s prediction. Iran They could be of assistance to one another “amplifying their strengths.”
He said Russia’s espionage capabilities had been dealt a “significant strategic blow” Since the invasion, 400 spies who were working under diplomatic cover at Russian mission in Europe have been expelled. 23 of them are in the UK.
However, he stated that British spies continue to face an adversity. “Russian covert toolkit” That includes assassination attempts. “cyberattacks, disinformation, espionage” interfering in democracy
“The UK must be ready for Russian aggression for years to come,” He stated.
McCallum referred to China as a longer-term problem. “the activities of the Chinese Communist Party pose the most game-changing strategic challenge to the UK.”
McCallum used a sports analogy to explain his remarks. “Russia thinks nothing of throwing an elbow in the face and routinely cheats to get its way.”
“The Chinese authorities present a different order of challenge,” He stated. “They’re trying to rewrite the rulebook, to buy the league, to recruit our coaching staff to work for them.”
McCallum accused Beijing de monitoring, intimidating and coercing. “forcibly repatriating Chinese nationals to harassment and assault,”
He said that the Chinese authorities are playing a long game when it comes to trying to stop him. to Influence British politics “seeking to co-opt and influence not just prominent parliamentarians across the political landscape, but people much earlier in their careers in public life, gradually building a debt of obligation.”
He stated that such activities were probable to As Chinese President Xi Jinping grows “consolidates power on an indefinite basis.”
Rishi Sunak, Prime Minster of Group of 20 said that China poses a problem at the Group of 20 summit held in Indonesia this week. “a systemic challenge to our values and interests and it represents the biggest state-based threat to our economic security.”
Last month, the head of Britain’s cyberintelligence agency, GCHQ, called China’s growing power the “national security issue that will define our future.”
Talk at MI5’s high-security London headquarters, McCallum said Britain still faces a terror threat From both self-radicalized, lone actors as well as groups such al-Qaida/the Islamic State group. “are down but definitely not out.”
He stated: MI5 had disrupted 37 “late stage” Attack plots have been launched since 2017, with eight occurring in the last year. He stated that Islamic extremism drove three quarters and far-right ideology drove the remainder.
Many plots were involved “low-sophistication attacks” by extremists who are self-radicalized. Although groups like al-Qaida or IS have been weakened, they are still a threat. “a very real risk that we are dealing with every day.”
McCallum also said his agents and police had done “quietly effective work” to The safety of 10 days’ national mourning following the September murder of Queen Elizabeth II was ensured. London saw hundreds of thousands gather for the commemorations, which attracted the largest crowds in decades. to Watch the funeral procession of the deceased monarch or see her in state.
Although he denied that any major plots to attack were discovered, he said agents did work. “to respond to emerging possible early stage” Attacks as well as doing “protective security work.”
“There was nothing close to a late-stage goal-line clearance in respect to those events,” He stated. “But there was good work done in a low-key way behind the scenes.”