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Mia Thornton Public apology was made to former friend. Jacqueline Blake, and Peter Thomas. You can find the latest season here Real Housewives of Potomac, her friendship with Jacqueline Turned when in the middle of an argument Mia They accused her of being in a relationship with a man who was married. The ex-besties went head to head during the reunion.toAs the rest of cast appeared horrified, he was a head.

Taping Mia Another rumor was that Castmate had been sex with the castmate. Wendy Osefo Be cheated Peter. This was then aired. Peter Post a video bashing Mia and The allegation was denied. Responding, Mia’s husband Gordon – a friend of Peter’s – called out his buddy, who he’s known for some time.

You can find more information here TwitterPer. @bravoshaderooom, Mia It seemed to apologize to Jacqueline.

“I want to Publically apologize to my Bestie, my sister, and my ace,” Submitted Mia. “I’m sorry I was not able to give you the emotional support you needed while embarking on a new chapter of life.”

She continued on to say, “I’m sorry I was nasty and rude and didn’t find more patience. I know we may never be ok, but know I want the world for you.”

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You can also tweet Mia It seemed to Address Peter Concerning Wendy’s cheating allegations

“I’m sorry for repeating what I heard without discussing the alleged with the person directly. I have so much love for my family & friends, It pains me to know I caused so much off-camera drama,” She said.

The 38-year old continued. “Brotherhood is Bond. While G needs more time to process, I want to publicly apologize for spreading a rumor. It’s rude and [not] very nice of me.”

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