Michael CohenA former Donald Trump fixer expressed on Sunday his disgust at what he called the “royal treatment” When the former president surrendered in Fulton County to authorities, he received a bounty of $2,500. GeorgiaLast week, his attempt to reverse 2020’s election was criticised.

“I was appalled, to be honest with you, while watching the news and watching how Donald was brought to the Fulton County Jail,” Cohen told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi. “Forty-motorcade in New Jersey, forty-motorcade in Georgia. Why? He’s nothing more than an indicted defendant.”

“How much money did it cost the American taxpayers? How much money did it cost the people of Atlanta in order to put all the police officers? For what?” Cohen added. “For this man to roll up like he’s, you know, Caesar coming through the gates of Rome after victory. He is an indicted defendant on 91 counts. He should not be given this sort of royal treatment.”

He will be tried next year for the Stormy-Daniels hush-money payment. He’s also been arrested for allegedly mishandling classified materials after leaving the White House and for his role in the deadly U.S. Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021.

Then, after years of as Trump’s Personal attorney Cohen He cooperated in Daniels’ case, and was given a three-year prison sentence. He’s now a vocal critic of his former client.