An estimated 200 migrant laborers were hired to work concession stalls at the Qatar World Cup’s opening game said they had been left without food, water and They had access to the toilet for seven hours while they waited for assignments.

Standing infront of the Al Bayt stadium, Al Khor, shaped like a Bedouin tent the They were desperate to help the group. to Contact their employer if they are not successful. Many of them said that they were asked. to Report to Close to a facility to the Arena before 10:01 a.m., nine hrs before the The game was played to start.

The majority of them were Indian men and claimed that they had signed contract agreements to work at the World Cup One meal per day is guaranteed and Only $1,050 for 55 days “It’s a very bad experience,” One member of the group. The worker was dismissed to He did not want to be identified out of concern that his employers might be upset, but he added “Our coordinator told us to come here before 9 a.m. but no one was here.”

Concession workers made up only a small part of the total workforce. the Qatar has hired a large army of low-paid workers to Prepare the Country to Hosting the World Cup. Qatari workers are treated and Other places the The Gulf has attracted much attention in the Years-long accumulation to the event. Human rights groups estimate that several thousand migrants died due to heat-related injuries. and Qatar, which has other health issues, embarked upon a $200 Billion reconstruction to Prepare for the one-month tournament. Qatar strongly disagrees with this total. and Notes that the company has implemented reforms to Its labor laws.

Concession workers were not the Only those who are left behind will be satisfied the Hot desert sun on Sunday: 20 women from the Philippines, Philippines. to Selling scarves and found themselves in a similar position three hours after arriving at the stadium, they were unable to Find the They were hired by a company. “We’ve walked so much, this isn’t good,” One of them said: the women. They also tried. to Contact the company’s representatives if you have not had success.