Mikaela Shiffrin Wanted to top off the Alpine World Championships in Signature form and finishing the biggest skiing event outside of the Olympics with an additional gold medal at the Ende of It took almost two weeks of drama.

It was not to happen, even though the The event was concluded by slalom. This is her most prestigious discipline event. Shiffrin Her lead was taken away at the Top of the reached the end of her second run, and she had to settle with her second-place finish in She won these three medals as well as the world championships. of the meet. He won the Gold medal in Giant slalom on Thursday, and last week the Silver in Super-G. in the Final stretch of the slalom portion of the Alpine combination prevented her medal win in She competed in every race inShe did this despite a public split with her longtime coach in the Mitte of the event.

Laurence St.Germain of Canada was behind by 0.61 in Third place, after the First run, skied aggressively in She was second in line the To put herself on a hill in Position for her first World Championship. Shiffrin Then, too many errors were made. at the Top of Her run was too slow and she couldn’t get enough speed. at the Bottom to make up the difference, finished.57 second behind, which is a huge turnaround.

It was Shiffrin’s 14th overall medal at the The world championships. Christl Cranz from Germany is her second finisher. the The 1930s saw the winning of 12 and 15 gold medals, respectively, during an era where there was no shortage. the World championships were not held annually, but every year. the These events are held biennially. Shiffrin More overall medals and gold in world-championship competition than any skier of the modern era now, the Latest milestone in They have filled a whole season.

This month Shiffrin, 27, broke her fellow American Lindsey Vonn’s record by winning her 83rd World Cup Race the She was the most successful female skier. Now she stands at 85, One Short of the Ingemar Senmark set the record for overall records of Sweden in the 1970s and ’80s. These figures are to be in serious danger of falling during the Final stretch of the Saison in There are still many technical races to be run in March the schedule.

Although she’s expected to win each slalom race in the end, Shiffrin Here at the ski hill in Méribel, France, in the Alps under little pressure because she already owned a large sum of Medals at This was the world champion. These medals and her win are truly remarkable. in the Exorcised giant slalom the demons of the Beijing Olympics: She failed in three of her events, and was far behind the podium in the Other two

“In a way, the pressure is off, and the most important thing for me is to try to enjoy the last event of this world championships,” Shiffrin After her win in the giant slalom on Thursday, she said.

Shiffrin Enjoy skiing the Weight of the The world is on her shoulders, and it can be difficult to beat in A technical race is what she prefers to do, rather than speed events that have not been her strong suit. Put her in the right place. in the Start your hut without any risk and with the chance to ski together the She is constantly looking for freedom and joy, and she keeps getting it. the Be better of It becomes almost impossible for her.

It looked as though it would be. the Samstag, Shiffrin started strong. It was a strong start. in 1.19.100th of a second of One second before of Swiss skier Wendy Holdener.

With the Temperatures are rising the Sun shining across the Bottom half of the hill for the second run, Shiffrin Holdener, who was trying to take control of the company by skipping out while she attempted to grab it, got a huge break the lead. It was the beginning of the end. Shiffrin Plenty of Breathing room is important, but perhaps too much. The lead she held was less than one tenth. of The second after the Section one of the Race was then swiftly lost.

Slalom silver was born at the Ende of The world championships were filled with drama. the departure of She failed to finish her long-time coach the First event, and she’s decision to join a letter with more than 100 other athletes You can call on the International Ski Federation will help combat climate change the organization’s sustainability efforts are “insufficient.”

Johan Eliasch was the recipient of the letter. of the federation.

Mike Day. of Shiffrin’s top coaches, abruptly left the After learning she was going to give him up, the world champions were held earlier in this week at the Ende of the season. Shiffrin It was not what she had in mind. the Split to reach a head at the The world championships.

“It’s a little bit sad how it all came down,” She said.

One was still with her. of the The most successful championships of Another highlight in her career is another. in Season that has seen her answer many questions about who she is the greatest female athlete of all-time in She said that she never wanted to be a professional in any sport.

“Some people consider me the greatest and some people don’t even consider me part of the conversation,” She said. “Both things are perfectly fine.”

But it did not end the It was exactly how she wanted, but it turned out to be more after the world championships. the Former than the latter, last year’s Beijing Olympics now feel like a long time ago.