“I think it has been clear that there’s no bottom to the degree to which President Trump will degrade himself and the nation,” Romney After calling, he told reporters to report back to them Monday Trump’s meeting with the two figures “disgusting.”

Trump Ye, who was formerly Kanye West, and Fuentes ate dinner last week at their home. He denied inviting Fuentes to dinner or knowing his identity. But the former president, who last week announced his candidacy for 2024, didn’t renounce his guests’ hateful beliefs. (Ye and other sources According to reports, Trump Fuentes was actually praised in their conversation.

Ask if Trump should be sorry, Romney replied: “He never sees anything wrong in anything he does.”

“This is characteristic of his approach, which is either say it was a joke or say he didn’t know what was happening, but that doesn’t fly,” Romney continued, according to CBS affiliate KUTV. “Obviously, this is something which degrades him, frankly, to do what he’s done. And it’s something which diminishes the country as well. It’s very unfortunate.”

RomneyTo oust, he voted twice Trump from the White House during impeachment proceedings, blasted the ex-president’s 2024 campaign.

“I voted to remove him from office twice … I don’t think he should be president of the United States,” Romney said, per NBC News’ Sahil Kapur. “I don’t think he should be the nominee of our party in 2024. And I certainly don’t want him hanging over our party like a gargoyle … It’s a character issue.”

Former Vice President Mike Pence denounced Trump His “poor judgment” He was invited to the party and asked for his forgiveness.