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Friday, December 9, 2022

Mondo Announces Collectible Vinyl Soundtrack for Apple TV+ Series ‘Severance’

Posted on November 21, 2022, 8:33 pm
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Collectibles company Mondo Today announced A vinyl soundtrack exclusive to you for The premiere season of Apple Series TV+ Severance. The vinyl comes in two versions, each with its own artwork, packaging and merch. Both are available for purchase this Wednesday.

The original version was referred to as the “Innie Edition” The $60 price includes Theodore Shapiro’s season one soundtrack and Greg Ruth’s artwork. This limited edition of 5,000 copies is numbered. It’s printed on black vinyl and stored in a folder that looks like what the innies would use in the show.

severance 2
The Innie Edition includes a Music Dance Experience Card, a Record Safety Card, Eagan Bingo Sheet, four character Cards, a Hidden Map of the Severed Floor, and a Lumon Disco Bag.

severance 5
The second version is referred to as the “Outie Edition” The $35 price tag is for a stripped-down version without any additional merchandise. You will also find the soundtrack from season one by Theodore Shapiro, as well as artwork by Greg Ruth. It is pressed on white vinyl. Packaging for This one is a spot varnish sleeve in a gatefold style with an inner printed sleeve. The initial pressing will be packaged with a 3/4-reverse board slipcase.

Both versions Severance Season one soundtracks will be available for purchase starting Wednesday, 12 p.m. CT. Mondo’s record shop website.

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