MONTEREY PARK, Calif. — Located on A busy shopping street, surrounded by Chinese restaurants and groceries is the Star Ballroom Dance Studio. in Monterey Park Lovers of ballroom dancing will find this a great place to gather. in Los Angeles and promise to train visitors in You can do anything, from the fox-trot to the tango.

“That place is always packed, man,” Alejandro Delatorre (44) a 40-year-old dance instructor arrived on Sunday to help 10 victims and 10 more injured. in a late-night shooting. He said that more than 90 percent of Star Dance’s clientele was Asian American.

Saturday evenings attracted large numbers of people, filling the hall with dancers from all walks of life. Many songs were included in the playlist. in Chinese, according to Walter Calderon (47), who is a dance instructor in Orange County “It’s a huge dance floor — 6,000 square feet, with a huge amount of parking,” He said. “Most of the dancers go there.” Online posting of the venue’s schedule in English and Chinese

The following are the Monterey Park The scene was immediately surrounded by police on Authorities said that hundreds of people streamed out of the venue Saturday night with some injuries. In all, five women and five men died in The shooting resulted in at least 10 additional injuries, many of them critically.

According to Mr. Calderon, the dance floor would have been packed. on Saturday the Eve of Lunar New Year “There would have been hundreds and hundreds of people there,” He said.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said it believed the shooting at Star was connected to an incident in Nearby Alhambra, that took place approximately 20 minutes after Monterey Park shooting. A department report stated that people at the dance venue wrestled a weapon from an individual who fled after he was taken away. Local media identified that venue as the Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio.

On Sunday morning, a lady arrived at Lai Lai and entered using a code. She also put up signs stating that the studio was shut down. “in observance to the Star Dance tragedy.” Two reporters were with her, and she said nothing. in She got in her car, and she drove off.

Monterey ParkThe Star Dance area, located on Garvey Street, was still blocked by the law enforcement on Sunday morning. There were signs of the Lunar New Year festivities that took place yesterday, such as a temporary stage and a banner with the red text: “Happy Year of the Rabbit!”