Also, investigators want to see if Mr. Tran was present a Lai Lai, second location Ballroom & Studio, in search of people he wasn’t able to find at the Star, the official said. The The same crowd of people who love to dance, mostly middle-class, Asian immigrants, is behind both studios. Investigators think that there were some visitors at each of the dance halls on Saturday night. The This weekend’s celebrations of the Lunar New Year were immediately interrupted by attacks Monterey ParkThe Asian American Enclave East of Los Angeles is called.

Mr. Tran had recently visited the police station in the city of Hemet — where Mr. Tran was living in a mobile home park about 80 miles east Monterey Park — to say that his family was poisoning him and orchestrating a Hemet Police Department spokeswoman Alan Reyes stated that it was a scam to steal his money. He said Mr. Tran had visited twice to make the allegations — on Jan. 7 and Jan. 9 — and was told to come back with evidence. He Never returned.

Police searched Mr. Tran’s home on Sunday and seized a rifle and several electronic devices a He was found with a large quantity of ammunition, and other items which led to suspicions that he was making silencers for firearms. Sheriff Robert Luna from Los Angeles County stated Monday. The Sheriff said, “Mr. Tran was also arrested for illegal possession in 1990.” a firearm.

Sheriff Luna indicated that investigators still attempted to establish the motive. They also said they are investigating whether Mr. Tran had been motivated by animosities or jealousy. He According to some, it was unclear whether Mr. Tran had any connections with the victims. “We’re hearing there were possible relationships there, but I’m not going to confirm that yet,” He said.

According to immigration documents, Mr. Tran was born in Vietnam and appears to have immigrated to America in the 1980s. He According to the document, he was naturalized either in 1990 or 1991. According to court records, Mr. Tran was divorced in May 2006.

Many years back, Mr. Tran was a Numerous times, he was a frequent visitor to the scene of the murders and often clashed in public with others there. He also suffered from grievances that went on for many years. a One man that once knew him, and he joined him on nights at The Star Ballroom.

“I was surprised,” Adam Hood said that he was describing how he felt when he first heard about the massacre. “But in the same token, I was not surprised. I was surprised, you know, this is such a horrible massacre, that someone would have done this. When I say I’m not surprised, because if I know him well enough, this would have happened sooner or later.”