The Sunday Review

More than 100 people were rescued from An overloaded vessel before it hit A sand bar in The Florida According to the US, Keys Coast Guard.

The vessel hit A sand bar Whale Harbor, the Coast Guard Southeast in Tweet “There are reports of people in the water and our land partners are on scene,” According to the agency. Whale Harbor is in Islamorada, in The Upper Florida Keys.

Anyone who may be in danger is still being helped by the rescue efforts in The water.

The Coast Guard I didn’t know how many migrants They were on the overloaded vessel They were not identified by their nationality and informed The Sunday Review they were dealing with difficult conditions.

According to an earlier tweet, rescue crews were facing winds of 25 miles per hours and seas as they tried to safely remove passengers. from The agency.

Rescue operations began when a good Samaritan reported that the rescue had begun. vessel The Key West watchstanders reported that at 5 a.m. the following: Coast Guard in Tweet

Sunday: Coast Guard According to reports, at least five people died from a homemade poison. vessel Capsized near Florida’s Little Torch Key. Nine people were rescued from The vesselAccording to the agency,