Mitchell It was a scorching heat BoltonAs she quizzed him about his comments, he quoted Mike Pompeo as a Secretary of State under Donald Trump.

“Would you be saying that about a man?” Ask Mitchell On “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”

Bolton, who was one of Trump’s national security advisers, swerved away from the question and decided to bring up Haley’s mention of Jeane Kirkpatrick, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under Ronald Reagan, in a campaign ad.

“Well, I knew Jeane Kirkpatrick also, but Nikki Haley is running as a former governor, as someone who has been elected, who has faced some tough issues in South Carolina as well as being U.N. ambassador,” Mitchell replied. “I’m just wondering if you’re judging her in a different way based on gender?”

“Of course not,” Bolton Before he was appointed as ambassador, he continued his criticism of Trump’s candidate.

Haley Trump will be his opponent in Republican primaries for 2024’s presidential nomination.