Jerusalem and Gaza
The Sunday Review

Minimum 11 Palestinians were killed Wednesday during a rare daytime raid Israeli Armed forces in The occupied West Bank According to Palestinian officials, the incident also caused more than 100 injuries. in A description of the aftermath of an Operation by the Red Crescent director in the area as: “massacre.”

Israeli authorities said Wednesday’s operation in Three suspects were targeted by Nablus “planning attacks in the immediate future.” These three items were “neutralized,” The Israel Defense Forces and Israel Security Agency (IDF) have released statements in a joint statement.

The three suspected Palestinians militants IDF targets were killedThe following is a listing of deceased released by Palestinian Ministry of Health.

According to the IDF, one of them was killed while fleeing. The other two were shot. killed in An exchange of fire between the military and civilians

Israeli Authorities claimed that the suspects had thrown rocks and Molotov cocktails. “explosive devices” At Israeli forces.

At least 102 people are injured, according to the official Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA) citing the Palestinian health ministry. Seven are among the wounded. in WAFA has reported a critical condition.

The Israeli military’s daytime raid The meeting began at 10:15 AM (3:15 AM). ET, Ahmad Jibril told The Sunday Review. It is. “a time when everyone is out shopping in the open market of the old city. No one expects an invasion at this time of the day,” He said.

These were Israeli He said that there were snipers shooting live ammunition from rooftops. “That’s why many people were shot in the head, shoulders and backs,” He said. The majority of those who died were killed. in He also added the top of his head.

“People who were unarmed and even away from the old city were also shot. Bullets were everywhere!” He said.

Jibril claimed that a drone dropped tear gas. “randomly.” He said that drones could also fire live ammunition. The IDF refuted this claim.

Maj. Nir dinar, an IDF spokesperson, stated that Israel didn’t have any drones that could fire live ammunition. in The West Bank.

“I think what they saw was small drones that drop tear gas grenades as a riot dispersal means, and these were used,” He said.

Red Crescent’s Jibril said some Israeli Special forces disguised themselves as locals. Dinar did not comment on the possibility of undercover operations. Israeli He said that operatives were: “The IDF has such capabilities.”

Jibril stated that they “teams were prevented from reaching the injured,” Even a 4-year-old boy with a severe heart condition, was left unconscious after being treated with tear gas.

The IDF’s Dinar said that he hoped it was not true that Israeli Troops had stopped medics getting to the wounded. “I am not familiar with such behavior and I hope it did not happen. If they have evidence, let us know and we will take it to the commanders.”

Reporting to journalists raidRichard Hecht, IDF’s main international spokesperson, painted an image of chaos and large events. He claimed that it got “very messy.”

Israeli Security Agency and Border Police Special Forces officers had entered the residence where they thought the suspects lived and ordered them to surrender.

“They didn’t surrender, they confined themselves into the house and opened extensive fire on our forces,” He said. The suspect tried to escape the house but was shot by him. Meanwhile, the two other men continued their exchange of fire with Israelis.

“And at some point, we upgraded our efforts. And there were also rockets that were fired on the house. And the two guys were neutralized,” Later, he confirmed his words. killed.

He replied that he was not interested in any details regarding the rockets. “When you come into a situation when people are not surrendering, you intensify the fire.”

A Palestinian faces an Israeli military vehicle during Wednesday's raid in the West Bank.

However, the fight was not over on all fronts. Israeli reconnaissance units coming under fire. “It was cars, it was firing from the roofs and it was motorbikes – a very, very aggressive exchange of fire,” He said. “A lot of violence.”

According to him, the IDF’s decision to enter the hotspot militant hotspot was based on the significance of the targets in broad daylight. Although they may prefer to be outdoors, “night time activity,” He said that the sunlight was his favorite thing. raid “was based on a specific intelligence indication we got from the Shin Bet,” As the Israeli Security Agency is well-known.

“That’s why we went in there. These are guys that killed one of our soldiers.”

According to the militant Islamic Jihad group, two commanders of Islamic Jihad were arrested. killed in The clashes Israeli troops.

The Lion’s Den militant group also confirmed its members were involved in They fought, but they didn’t mention if any members of the group were killed.

Targeted: One of the deceased in The Nablus raid The militant Palestinian group claimed that he was a Hamas member. Hamas claimed Hussam salim to be a Hamas member and a martyr. A photograph was released showing him with an assault rifle that has a telescopic view.

Medics run through tear gas as they evacuate a wounded Palestinian individual during clashes with Israeli forces on Wednesday.

His name was given by IDF to one of its targets. He is accused of carryingout terrorist attacks. “shooting and explosive device attacks” killing the IDF soldier Ido Barruch’s killers last year. The IDF identified Salim as a senior operative of Lion’s Den, which claimed responsibility for the killing of Baruch in October, last year.

It is possible to overlap the ranks of Palestinian militant organizations.

Sixteen of those who died were men. in The Palestinian health ministry stated that they were in their 20s. One of them was 16 years old, the other was 33 and one was 61. The third was 71. The ministry’s list of deceased shows that all were men.

Relatives mourn the death of a Palestinian killed in an Israeli raid, outside a hospital in the West Bank city of Nablus on February 22, 2023.

The raid The number of Palestinians killed Israeli The Palestinian health ministry stated that this number will rise to 61 in the coming year. This includes those who were shot while attacking Israelis. militants Being targeted in People clashing, raids Israeli For all forces during The Sunday Review records include raids and bystanders.

Eleven Israelis are currently killed in This year, seven Palestinian terrorist attacks in A shooting close to a synagogue. in There was also a car-ramming incident. A border police officer was attacked by a teenage boy and then shot with friendly fire by a civilian security agent.

IDF incursions into Lebanon West Bank They usually happen overnight. Last time the military did a daylight mission, it was to address an immediate threat.

Islamic Jihad’s armed faction in The Al Qassam Brigade warned that Gaza is under attack “watching the enemy’s escalating crimes against our people in the occupied West Bank, and its patience is running out.”

The occupied West Bank He was rocked by several lethal shots Israeli Military raids in The past year has seen tensions in Israel and the Palestinian territories are still at an all-time high in A region that has been ravaged by bloodshed.

The following are some examples Israeli raid in The city of Jenin in January was the most deadly month. Palestinians in The West Bank in The Sunday Review Records show that there were at least 10 such transactions in the last year. Palestinians killed On the same day, one died of his wounds later. Seven civilians were killed the next day. in Shooting near the synagogue in Jerusalem – which Israel deemed one of its worst terror attacks in Recent years

The cabinet Netanyahu is leading has been called the most extreme right-leaning and religious. in the country’s history.

Netanyahu previously told The Sunday Review’s Jake Tapper that people can get “hung up” peace talks with the PalestiniansHe stated that he chose a different approach.

Relationships between Israeli Palestinian forces militants boil over, The Sunday Review’s Hadas Gold said the scenes on Wednesday reflected those “not seen since the second intifada,” Oder uprising.