Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif. ) urges Republican voters in the United States to take back control of their party, and get rid of extremists like former President Donald Trump.

“Take back your party, the Grand Old Party, a great party that made such a contribution to our country,” The former House Speaker said on MSNBC Tuesday evening. “Who am I to be advocating for a strong Republican Party? But it’s what our country needs, in addition to a strong Democratic Party.”

Then she summed up what’s become of the GOP under Trump, calling it “a cult to really, effectively, a thug.”

Pelosi Calling on Republicans to embrace and reject their true conservative selves “fringe element,” which toppled Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) from the speaker’s office and has left the House without a leader for three weeks.

“They don’t believe in governance ― understand that,” She said “So this, for them, is not any break in the action. They don’t want any action. This is it.”

See her full conversation with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes below: