The tennis player Naomi OsakaOn Wednesday, four-time Grand Slam champion, Announced that she was pregnant.

She Here’s a photo of an ultrasound on Instagram, and added, “One thing I’m looking forward to is for my kid to watch one of my matches and tell someone, ‘that’s my mom.’ Ha ha.”

She in She would assume the role of Australian Open 2024 hostess.

It was three days ago Osaka, 25, dropped out of this year’s Australian Open, which begins Monday. She Since September, she hasn’t participated in any tournaments. She is currently ranked No. 47 in The world.

Osaka Australian Open in 2019 and 2021. She The U.S. Open was also won in 2018 and 2020. She Participated in Since 2019, Cordae has been in a romantic relationship with Cordae

Serena Williams won 2017 Australian Open when she was just two months pregnant. Osaka She did not disclose how far she had gotten. in This is the Instagram post.

Osaka Following declining to participate in news conferences, the French Open 2021, She Withdrew. and She shared that she has struggled with depression. She A break was taken from the game and also missed time with an Achilles’ tendon injury last year.

She has not lived, however. in The United States of America since she was three years old. OsakaThe parents of a Haitian American child are. and Japan’s national language is Japanese and I was honored to light the Tokyo Olympics’ cauldron in 2021.

Many endorsement deals have led to numerous sales. Osaka One of the 20 highest-earning athletes in The world and This is the most highly-paid woman Forbes has reported.

She also owns a company that makes skin care products for people with dark skin tones. and she has written a children’s book. This was her first book for children. Osaka and Stuart Duguid was her long-term agent. He left IMG to become a sports agency. and Entertainment conglomerate to start Evolve. Osaka’s business interests as well as other clients.