Nene Leakes‘ boyfriend, Nyonisela Sioh, has filed for divorce from his wife, Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh, amid Malomine’An ongoing suit against the former Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast member

Months later, Malomine sued Nene for Nyonisela claims she slept with Nyonisela over $100,000 and has threatened to ruin their marriage. Nyonisela wants a dissolution of the marriage and equitable distribution.

On November 15, TMZ shared details of Nyonisela’s court documents, revealing he confirmed he and Malomine had been married since 2016 and share one child. He also mentioned that they had separated on September 19, 2021, many months before he and Nene They were photographed for the first time in December 2001. Nyonisela also said they’ve been living separately ever since because their breakup was always meant to be permanent.

As RHOA Fans may recall that Malomine filed a suit against Nene In June, the ex reality star was accused of being a homewrecker. Nene of causing her emotional distress.

Following Malomine’s filing, Nene Entertainment Tonight interviewed her to confirm that she was being investigated. “dragged into something that is just not [her] business.”

“They have their own legal thing that’s going on. I shouldn’t be brought into it, that’s all. So, I really have no feelings about it. I really think that it’s something that [Nyonisela] has to handle himself,” She said it at the time.

According to Malomine, they are not estranged. “enjoyed a genuine happy marital relationship, in which some degree of love, affection, society, companionship, comfort, friendship and favorable mental attitude existed between them” Before Nene’s “wrongful interference and conduct.”

During her chat with Entertainment Tonight Nene said she’s “still grieving” The loss of a husband Gregg LeakesHe died in September 2021 from cancer.

“This person was in my life for 25 years. I see things that remind me of him,” She shared her secrets. “One person told me that lost her husband and she said, ‘You know, just always talk about it if you see it. Don’t keep anything in.’ So my circle is really OK with me bringing up Gregg or talking about Gregg. So many of us know him ’cause he was around for so long and you can’t just forget about somebody like that after 25 years. I’ve never had anybody die that close to me.”

“That was a really trying time,” She continued.