Nevada Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is expected to win her reelection campaign, preserving Democratic control over the Senate in 2023. This will give the party a positive sign about its prospects within the pivotal swing state.

Cortez Masto defeated Republican nominee Adam Laxalt, who had previously served as the state’s attorney general like her. Laxalt’s campaign was more conservative than Cortez Masto’s moderate centrist campaign. With strong support from Harry Reid, former Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Laxalt became the first Latina ever to win a Senate seat.

The Democrats will now hold at least 50 Senate seats next term. The fact that Vice President Kamala Harris is able to serve as a tiebreaking vote means that Democrats will continue to control the chamber, regardless of how the final Senate race in Georgia in 2022 turns out. This contest will be decided in a Dec. 6 runoff election.

Despite Laxalt’s support for conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election and his own family’s disavowal He was polling close to Cortez Masto in recent months, according to polls. With support from national Democrats and Republicans, the candidates and their supporters spent more than $175 million on advertising ― turning the race into Nevada’s most expensive election ever.

Analysts expected Cortez Masto would gain some ground after the Supreme Court revoked Americans’ constitutional right to abortion in June. She highlighted the court’s move in her final months on the campaign trail, pledging to fight to protect reproductive health care and casting her reelection as critical to Democrats’ continued control of the Senate, which has a huge influence over the appointment of judges. Laxalt tried to downplay His support over the years for anti-abortion policies.

Although Nevada’s recent election trend has been Democratic, the state had a long history electing Republicans. The GOP hoped CortezMasto’s defeat would help it gain more influence before the 2024 presidential election. A super PAC linked to Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky invested Trump, the former President, was heavily involved in the race cheered Laxalt

Despite Cortez Masto’s success, the closeness of the contest is a warning sign for Democrats because Nevada is central to most possible scenarios in which a Democrat can win the presidency.