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Although there are many ups and downs in the lunar cycle, each step is crucial. And if you’re one of the zodiac signs affected by the new moon, you know that beginnings can feel just as intimidating as endings often feel bittersweet. If you’re currently staring at a long road ahead, know that it always seems impossible to reach the finish line when you haven’t even taken your first step!

Two moments are the most important in the lunar cycle: the new and full moons. While the latter is intense and dramatic, the former is a more subtle experience, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful. The new moon, which marks the start of a new chapter, is actually what kicks off the entire experience. Many new moons bring up themes or situations which can be very meaningful and open doors to opportunities. And if you make a point to start a project or commit to a new relationship during a new moon, it will have *that* much more potential to succeed!

This event will take place at 02:06 AM on February 20, 2019. ET: The second new moon in 2023 occurs in Dreamy, imaginative and sympathetic PiscesThis shines light on the commonality that ties us all and brings people together. However, it’s also a reminder to let go of what you’ve been hanging onto, despite the fact that it’s no longer your responsibility to carry. Pisces is a mutable water sign that encourages forgiveness, so give yourself permission to quit worring about the past you can’t change and a future that has not been promised. At the end of the day, the present is all that we’re guaranteed, so make sure you take advantage of it.

The Sunday Review | How the New Moon in Pisces 2023 Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

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This new moon, which is separating from the conjunction with Saturn’s serious and heavy-handed Saturn, encourages you to enjoy life while remaining grounded. There’s plenty to eat. in You can have fun and enjoy pleasure without sacrificing your enjoyment! Saturn, a planet which prioritizes restraint and still allows for fun! Pisces This zodiac sign cultivates an environment of infinity, dissolved boundaries and creates an atmosphere. Find strength during this new moon in Accepting the open sea; in Facing the unsettling truth of your situation in Unknown. Don’t get lost! in You can swim to the bottom, but you need to be able to swim back.

If your sun sign, moon sign or—most importantly—your rising sign falls under any of the following zodiac signs, the upcoming new moon in Aquarius might signify an important turning point in your life. Here’s why:

These Zodiac Signs This is how you will feel New Moon The Most

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People can’t stop talking about you lately, Gemini. This new moon brings a rush of electricity to your 10th House of Public Image, encouraging you to make some important announcements or improve your standing! You have the power to receive some meaningful accolades right now, especially if you’re willing to enlist in Register for a contest and apply right now to this job. Don’t drag your feet on this! The new moon is setting the stage! in your career sector, you can bet that your determination won’t be in vain. You’re about to climb the next rung of a very important ladder, do don’t look back. Truth be told, you might reach the top a *lot* sooner than expected. Geminis can be interested when they are finally ready. in Nothing can replace it in They are the focus of their attention.

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Your relationships are changing, Virgo. As this new moon initiates a new understanding of give and take, you’re feeling motivated to make your partnerships that much more meaningful! Sifting through the truth of your seventh house of lovers, friendships and even enemies, you’re coming to terms with who the main players in Your life and what roles they play. You’re also taking a closer look at how you contribute to your relationships and the influence you have over them. You might be surprised at the relationships you have with other people. This could reveal some important insights, particularly when you think about who you would like to share this chapter with, Virgo.

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This new moon is hitting you close to home, right where you’re most vulnerable. It’s taking place in The new moon, which is in your fourth House of Domestic Affairs and Personal Matters, shines light on what happens behind closed doors. And if you don’t have a corner of the world that feels safe, protected and most of all, welcoming, then you might want to think about where you’re choosing to plant your roots, Sag! You might be inspired by the new moon to do some cleaning, plan a family movie night or move to a different place. Listen to your heart and you’ll know what to do. A Sagittarius must feel at ease enough to travel the globe. They need to have a peaceful, well-organized home that they can return to after the adventures are over.


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Admit it, Pisces—you *love* being noticed. Even if you’re a more shy and introverted Pisces that prefers to avoid the spotlight, you can’t help but value feeling understood and appreciated for who you are! And on this new moon, you’re on the top of everyone’s minds, because this new moon is lighting a match in Your first home is your self. You are ready to take a good look at yourself in Take a look in the mirror, and you will see something entirely new. You should do something symbolic of how your identity changes and evolves with experience and time. You might not be the same person you were before, but that’s a *good* thing; it means you’ve taken some risks and you’ve opened yourself up to life. Und in the end, you’ve become a more powerful and interesting person because of it.

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