Mayor Bloomberg announced a plan in 2007 to Flushing Creek, Whitestone Expressway, and Citi Field are the boundaries of the 60-acre parcel. They will be used to build apartments and office buildings. His plans expanded to Include a shopping center on a parkland-mapped parking lot, which led to a lawsuit stopping the project in Its tracks.

Mr. Bloomberg’s successor, Bill de Blasio, re-envisioned the plan to Prioritize affordable housing and, during his second term announced the remediation of the polluted location to Allow for 1,100 apartments as well as a school. The Iron Triangle was home to more than 200 businesses. Most have been either evicted or purchased. A plan to Many of them can be moved to Bronx failed.

City Officials initially stated that there were only two businesses still at the site. After publishing the article, officials revised the number. to Around a dozen of them: approximately half are on city-owned properties. Officials confirmed that the city will expel the tenants living on city-owned land. Developers are currently looking to acquire private property for the other businesses.

Waiss Mohibi is the owner of garages there and says that the city has made it difficult for him. to leave, in Bad faith. He stated that he still has four years on his lease, and that he would not be leaving without a buyout.

“You give me a good deal, I’ll get out,” He said. “If you don’t, I stay.”

The 1,100 units that Mr. de Blasio announced in 2018 will be included into the 2,500-unit total Mr. Adams will announce Tuesday.

The stadium project, as well as additional housing, will have to go through the city’s onerous land review process, which is heavily reliant on the support of the local council member. In this case, that council member’s support is not in doubt.

“I’m a kid who grew up playing soccer in the fields right across from Willets Point,” Francisco Moya is a councilman who supports a soccer stadium in Queens For years. “We hope to create the same kind of passion that we see throughout the world, where some kid right now who’s playing on Field 11 in Flushing Meadows Corona Park will one day be able to don the jersey of the team that plays right across the way from them.”

Nate Schweber contributed reporting.