New York Democratic Reps. Dan Goldman & Ritchie Torres questioned the House on Sunday GOP The leaders should disclose all they know about the new elected Rep. George Santos’s (R-N.Y.) lies, including about his education and employment record.

The two were addressed to Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker (Calif.); Elise Stefanik, Chair of the House Republican Conference (N.Y.); and Dan Conston (head, Congressional Leadership Fund PAC). Democrats They were required to “proactively and forthrightly cooperate” Current and future Santos probes.

“It is one thing for a candidate such as Mr. Santos to induce voters to support him based on a web of lies,” The lawmakers made the following statements. “But it is altogether something else if the top levels of Republican leadership knew about Mr. Santos’s lies during the campaign and chose to be complicit.”

Following his victory in November’s election, Santos acknowledged that he had been lying about his history. Goldman and Torres were cited reports in The New York Times and New York Post Some top GOP aides were alerted to Santos’s fabrications prior to his election.

The Times reported that a Santos campaign was being launched “vulnerability study” The Times revealed that he had told lies about his academic records, involvement in a Ponzi scheme, and multiple evictions. Several campaign staffers quit following the study’s results.

According to the report, a top Stefanik aide helped Santos to find new consultants in early 2022. The report also includes A GOP According to reports, a donor expressed concern about Santos’s health to Stefanik’s associates. Stefanik, one of Santos’s top supporters during the race, has not commented.

“In order for the Ethics Committee to conduct a thorough investigation, and for Congress to ensure its members follow the law, it is imperative that Ms. Stefanik share with the Ethics Committee and the public everything that she and her top aide knew about Mr. Santos’s web of deceit,” In their letter, Goldman and Torres wrote.

According to the Times, Conston is close to McCarthy and allegedly raised concerns about Santos with lawmakers and staff.

The New York Post has reported that senior House members are now being evicted GOP members knew about Santos’ lies and that the topic had become “a running joke.”

Torres and Goldman pleaded with McCarthy for his assistance “be transparent about your knowledge of Mr. Santos’s web of lies. The American people deserve nothing less than the complete truth.”

McCarthy has refused to step down, despite a rising number of Republicans calling for Santos’ resignation. Santos supported McCarthy’s bid to be speaker.

Santos last month called his numerous lies an embellishment on his record. He said he’d quit only if the 142,000 people who voted for him call on him to step down.

Goldman, Torres and the House Ethics Committee have both filed a complaint alleging Santos has violated federal ethical laws. They are the two New York Democrats on Thursday introduced the SANTOS Act, which threatens to punish congressional candidates who knowingly lie on their resumés with jail time and fines.

A second complaint was filed last week with the Federal Election Commission alleging that Santos used 2022 campaign funds for personal expenses.