The Sunday Review

New Authorities in New Zealand warned Monday about the flood-hit situation. Auckland Was likely to get worse after “unprecedented” The rains caused havoc floods that have killed at least four people and forced hundreds to evacuate in the country’s largest city.

This Monday New Zealand’s weather authority issued a red heavy rain warning – the highest level reserved for extreme weather events – for Auckland The Northland Region is also nearby for The next days are coming.

“Tuesday is the day we are most concerned about,” The Sunday Review was informed by the MetService. “We are really concerned for the areas north of Auckland. They seem to bear the brunt of the next heavy rainfall event.”

Luis Fernandes (MetService meteorologist) said that the heavy Rain would also be a good thing. Auckland At risk for land slips that are very similar to landslides.

“When you have a significant rainfall event like this, rivers can rise quickly, and roads can literally fall away or become covered and can cut off communities,” He said.

An estimated 240 millimeters of rainfall (9.8 inches) – equal to an entire summer’s worth of rain – fell on Auckland Friday, making it the city’s wettest day on record.

Scientists warn for Years that the climate crisis would increase extreme weather and make it more dangerous were years. more frequent. Sunday Night New James Shaw, the Minister of Climate Change for New Zealand, stressed this link via Twitter “This is climate change” A post thanking flood victims for their assistance.

The northern part of New Zealand’s North Island is also receiving more rain than normal due to the La Niña climate pattern cycles in the Pacific Ocean that affect weather worldwide.

The MetService also stated that another 80-120 mm of rain was forecast for the following days.

Flooding blocks roads in Auckland on January 30, 2023.

Auckland’s deputy mayor Desley Simpson told The Sunday Review Sunday this amount of rain is “pretty unprecedented for Auckland.”

“We have had more rain in four hours than we have had ever in the history of Auckland since we have started measuring rainfall,” She said.

Meanwhile, New The body of a missing man was declared by the police in Zealand on Sunday, according to reports. after According to some, Friday’s floodwaters swept him away.

The body was found by a drone operator in the Onewhero region, south of AucklandAccording to police, he is located approximately 1km (0.6 miles) downstream of where he vanished.

This Monday New Chris Hipkins, Prime Minister of New Zealand, stated that there was “very significant damage across Auckland.”

“Obviously there were a number of homes damaged by flooding but also extensive earth movements,” TVNZ was informed by him. He said that emergency housing was needed for 350 more people.

Over the weekend, widespread disruptions to travel were caused by heavy rain.

More than 2,000 people stayed overnight Friday in the airport’s terminals due to the flooding, the airport said. Domestic flights were resumed on Saturday while the international terminal was closed until Sunday.

All Classes in Auckland They were cancelled until February 7th Auckland MP Chlöe Swarbrick said Monday.