LAS VEGAS — Las Vegas Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson booted the Ball 75 yards into the For a touchback, opposing endzone to Offen the Game, then Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes, his offense, spent 60 minutes torturing his opponents in victory 31-13, which is a familiar sight for Raiders fans.

It was that simple. the After a week filled with anguish, the National Football League continued to fight.

Five days after Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin fell onto the field during a game and went into cardiac arrest — a terrifying scene that stretched for 10 minutes as medical personnel repeatedly compressed his chest and teammates and opponents wept — the N.F.L. N.F.L. contest.

While it wasn’t a hugely significant game, this was the first. the N.F.L. makes millions of dollars advertising a violent sport, while hoping it never reaps the It can lead to the most severe consequences. It is the gravity the injury to Hamlin started a crisis the League because it so starkly reminded fans the There is a possibility they may witness something worse than torn ligaments or concussions.

As players still recollect Monday’s event, the game went on.

“I’ve never seen something where someone had been getting CPR and stuff like that on the field,” Mahomes spoke Wednesday to reporters. “I don’t know if any of us have seen it. It hadn’t happened in such a long time, and you don’t think about that stuff when you’re stepping on the field.”

Mahomes was hesitant to answer the question of whether Kansas City should be hosting this weekend’s game. “It’s hard for me to say,” He said. “It’s not something that I can control either way.”

He stepped on the ground once more. the It looked exactly like any other N.F.L. field. game. The game was full of spectacular plays and bad mistakes. Fans were even mugging. the A camera and halftime entertainment from a band that is past their prime. the The end is a familiar one: victory in Kansas City and loss in Las Vegas.

With a twist, it was. the Any Saturday, old saw. There are very few indicators of the Pall Hamlin’s Injuries have cast over the Most leagues were visible prior to the game.

Mahomes are warmed for the You can play in a short-sleeved sweatshirt featuring an image Hamlin on it. the words “Hamlin Strong” On the One of the back the Many tributes to Hamlin at Allegiant Stadium

Las Vegas Raiders’ players were wearing black warm-ups. “Love For Damar” He had no. He had his No. the front. The number 3. On each 30-yard line, the No.

“Throughout this week the entire N.F.L. family has been praying for Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills as he continues his recovery,” the Public address announcer: the A national anthem is played. “The Raiders ask you to join us in a moment of support and love for Damar, and cheer for him and his family as they continue their fight.”

Bills said Saturday Hamlin is still alive, however. to Make progress the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. He remains critical. However, he is able to breathe on his own and has neurological function. “excellent,” According to the team. Hamlin spoke on Friday to His teammates in a video chat.

“On a long road keep praying for me!” Please read the following: new post on Hamlin’s Instagram Take Saturday off the Hamlin’s first communication direct since the injury.

Football is prone to injuries, so players must be prepared for them. to Competing through pain would be a sideline the average person. These people are also used to it. to Regroup quickly to continue to Play even after you’ve seen your teammate get carted off the field. Raiders to Do that on Saturday when the already thin linebacker corp was further weakened by Harvey Langi’s departure the You can play with a concussion.

Hamlin’s However, he was saved from injury that threatened his life. the The kind of things players were able to compartmentalize. the Game being delayed and then canceled. Both of these are almost unheard of in N.F.L. history.

“It’ll probably be in the back of people’s minds,” Raiders quarterback Jarrett Stidham said.

It was difficult to find a place in Las Vegas on Friday and Saturday. to You can’t deny that everything was different. On Friday thousands of Kansas City supporters, dressed in red and purchasing drinks with team-branded cards, packed every possible plane to fly west for a weekend of entertainment in Vegas.

The couple kept their plans as they booked hotel rooms and tickets, but the bookings were already made. So did the Raiders fan wearing spiked shoulder and face paint.

“It’s Raiders, and it’s Chiefs,” Andy Reid, Kansas City Coach, stated Wednesday. “It doesn’t get any better than that, so we’re looking forward to going out there and playing them.”

However the N.F.L. N.F.L. to Hamlin had few admirers to do so. A few Bills fans were wearing Bills jerseys. the There were also many gear, but not as many stadium. the Cowboys, the Eagles, the Seahawks and Other Teams

Frank Nostro (54), was sporting a Josh Allen No. According to Frank Nostro, 54, a 17 Bills fan was there watching Hamlin get hit Monday night. “I thought it was just a regular hit — you see a lot of guys go down with a concussion or something like that,” He said. “But you see the replay and the panic in some of the coaches and the staff out there, and you realize it was something really bad.”

Nostro was born in Buffalo, and lived there until he moved to New York. to Las Vegas was a popular destination 30 years ago. the Bills win. “I’m a Bills fan, I’ll always be a Bills fan, but if the Raiders win today, that helps Buffalo,” He said.

It was not enough for the Raiders to assist. the Unfortunately, bills are not available for Nostro. With the Kansas City was victorious the Regular season ended with a record of 14-3 and the team clinched an in-season bye. the First round the playoffs.

With the N.F.L. N.F.L. to Resume the The Bengals-Bills match was postponed on Monday evening after Hamlin’s collapse, the Kansas City may not be the home-field champion throughout its history, but it will still get first seeds. the playoffs. A.F.C. is awarded to Buffalo that defeats New England. The Championship match between the At a later date, two teams could be played.toThe neutral location is yet to be decided, as Buffalo’s winning percentage will likely be lower than that of other sites. the First seed, if it’s a game against the Bengals was completed.