Our N.F.L. playoffs calculator Has an up-toThe most up-to-date information Picture of the playoffs.

The N.F.L. signals that college football is ending, so you can tell when it happens. N.F.L. games are played on Saturdays. The N.F.L. has been around for years. The N.F.L. and the N.C.A.A.A. have been friends for years. have had stayed out of each other’s way, with Saturdays devoted to Sundays for N.F.L. and college football games.

The N.F.L. has only left bowl games on its college calendar. The N.F.L. will be hosting three matches on Saturday to help clear its playoff picture. Each of the three matches will be broadcast on NFL Network as well as by local broadcast networks in the teams’ home markets.

Minneapolis is the next stop for The Indianapolis Colts (4-6-1), whose hopes of winning the postseason have almost vanished. to Take on the Vikings (10-3), who’s recent performance has raised questions as to whether or not they are capable of surviving more than one week in the playoffs.

Baltimore Ravens (9-4), will be traveling to Cleveland to The Browns will play (5-8), which is an A.F.C. North division rival to Recover a season that has been lost.

Prime-time’s final game will feature the Miami Dolphins (5-8), who lost their last two. They take on the Buffalo Bills (3-3) in a match that will impact A.F.C. seeding.

Technically, all six teams remain in the playoff race, but the chances that either the Colts (or the Browns) will reach the postseason are low. to The Times’s playoff simulator).

Eastern time is always observed

In the N.F.C., the Vikings hold a lead of four games to 1. North did it the hard way. Seven out of 10 wins by North were close to one. But the team has lost two of the past four games in embarrassing fashion — a 40-3 trouncing by the Cowboys at home in Week 11, and a loss of 34-23 to the Lions last week — raising questions about whether Minnesota can advance in the playoffs.

With Kirk Cousins, Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook at skill positions, it’s never clear why the Vikings’ offense goes dark for long portions of games. Through Week 14: The defense gave up the most yards of scrimmage, frequently allowing opponents to get back in games.

The Vikings could still win the N.F.C. North by beating the Colts. The team benched and then reinstated quarterback Matt Ryan, and the team’s owner, Jim Irsay, fired Coach Frank Reich and replaced him with a former Colts center, Jeff Saturday, whose only prior coaching experience was with a high school team. This shake-up resulted only in one win for Saturday.

The Ravens could be without their star quarterback, Lamar Jackson (who sprained the posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee), and his backup, Tyler Huntley, who left last week’s game with a concussion. Jackson is such an integral part of the team — he is also the leading rusher — that the Ravens will now have to lean on their defense if he isn’t available. Luckily, that defense — ranked eighth in the league — is allowing just 13.4 points per game, according to ESPNSince it also included Roquan, the middle linebacker in its ranks Week 9.

For the Ravens, this might be the best matchup. The Ravens have given up fifth-most points to Cleveland this season, which can lead to games going sideways quickly. Deshaun Wilson, the quarterback, was suspended after more than two dozen women alleging that he had committed sexual misconduct in massage sessions. Watson has struggled to perform well the past two games. Running back Nick Chubb is rushed for 1,153 yards. Kareem Watson has been poor, while Amari Cooper has been solid, but not exceptional (874 yards and seven touchdowns).

This prime-time game is the most compelling of the day’s matchups. After some messy defeats, this matchup is now a winner. to The Bills are tied with Kansas City, having beaten both the Vikings and Jets to win the A.F.C.’s best record. Buffalo could win Miami to qualify for playoffs and keep its place in contention for a bye.

The Dolphins rank second in the division and have the second wild-card slot. But their powerful offense of quarterback TuaTagovailoa, receivers Jaylen Wade and Tyreek Hills, has suffered a setback recently. They lost their last two games after having won five.