MELBOURNE, Australia — Nick Kyrgios Finally, it is home.

He’s in Australia with his friends and the place that he longs for. for You lived in your suitcase for the entire professional tennis tour, which was very sad.

He spent months in Sydney, taking in the sun and training. He also managed to squeeze in some time but not enough. for his liking, on the black couch in his childhood home in Canberra, Australia’s quiet, rural capital, telling his mother how safe he feels while she drinks tea a few feet away in the kitchen. His beloved collection of basketball shoes, which he treasures, can be his bedroom. This is right next to his room, which houses hundreds of his plaques and awards as well as dozens of his broken rackets. He keeps his macaw in an aviary at the back. The mornings are spent on 12-kilometer, brisk walks up Mount Majura with Quincy and King, his mini Dachshund Quincy.

The children of Lyneham, where his beginnings were made, loved him. He lifted weights, hit the courts, played with balls and laughed with them. Like many in Australia — and lots of other places these days — they worship their local folk hero, no matter how boorish and aggressive he can be in the heat of competition, or when a live microphone appears at his chin. Or maybe that’s why they do.

Everything is now completely different.

The last year was Kyrgios evolved from a temperamental talent with so much unrealized potential into the kind of transcendent showman that this supposedly genteel sport offers up every so often — the gifted bad boy who drives the tennis establishment mad but enthralls crowds in the late stages of the most important championships.

No one, regardless of how much the tennis establishment may like it, fills a stadium as well. Kyrgios These days, they are. These days, even his doubles matches can be loud and packed. The Australian Open is about to get underway Kyrgios Novak Djokovic, the nine-time champion, is one of the favourites to take on him for His home slam may have been the greatest double-edged sword. This level of expectation and pressure has proven to be a nightmare. for Kyrgios Before, his self-destructive personality exploding at an important moment and producing his irresistible brand of tennis theatre.

“It’s going to be a hard couple weeks, regardless of whether I win or lose, emotionally, mentally,” Kyrgios said in a pre-Christmas interview from his parents’ home. “I’m one of the players that has a scope lens on him all the time. Big target on my back.”

So much seems to depend on his success and fame, despite all the recent successes. Kyrgios. The game’s leaders see him as the rare player who can reach a new and younger audience. The fans enjoy raising their glass and beating chests. Kyrgios He wins with his trademark trick shots behind the back and through the legs. When they see him, they wear his basketball jerseys. They turn their matches into a fun night at the U.F.C. bout.

“He brings something different,” Andrea Gaudenzi (a former pro, who is currently the A.T.P. chairman) said. Tour, which is the men’s professional circuit.

Ken Solomon, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Tennis Channel, the sport’s leading media partner, called Kyrgios “ground zero” In an effort to draw fans, Netflix released Friday’s release. Netflix launched Friday “Break Point,” The sport is hoping that it will produce a documentary series on professional tennis. for It is what “Drive to Survive” Did for Formula 1. Formula 1. KyrgiosTwitter user ‘, took the signature win lap.

Tennis Australia last week announced that Kyrgios Djokovic would be playing in Friday’s charity show. Within 58 minutes tickets were gone.

He sat with top-ranking clients at a luxury chain of hotels for three hours prior to the match during a table tennis promotion. He sat in silence alone on a hallway before the event began, feeling the stress of the future. A few moments later, he was holding a racket on a packed rooftop bar when the star entertainer’s bright eyes lit up and his big smile emerged.

Get involved Kyrgios A pitchman for There is a lot of risk involved in this game. What makes him so irresistible, that at any time he might produce another can’t-miss moment on the court, has at times made him a walking grenade. And he’s the one with a finger on the pin.

Domestic violence is another possibility.

In February early, Kyrgios In December 2021, he will be appearing in Canberra for a common assault charge stemming out of an altercation with Chiara Passari (ex-girlfriend). Kyrgios The matter has been kept secret since July, when it was made public by the Wimbledon finalist.

While common assault is not a serious charge, it indicates that the victim was subject to immediate and unlawful violence. Kyrgios’s lawyers have said they will mount a defense focused on mental illness, citing his history of depression and substance abuse, struggles Kyrgios He has stated that God will always be his, but that the situation is now under his control. This defense could be accepted by the court and dismissed. The court may then decide that a treatment program should be imposed. Maximum penalty for common assault is two years’ imprisonment.

It happened in the early weeks of 2009. Kyrgios’s relationship with his now constant companion, Costeen Hatzi, whom he met online. After many years of depression and ambivalence, he was finally ready to return fully to tennis. It had given him fame and riches, but it also brought loneliness with endless travel and lonely matches on the court that tortured his mind.

He was subject to blatant racism and harsh criticisms when he lost matches that he expected to win. He was an overweight, dark-skinned boy in a country with a lot of wealth, and was bullied despite his talents. for Maybe because of tennis?

Goran Ivanisevic is the Wimbledon champion, who now coaches Djokovic. Kyrgios A “tennis genius.” Kyrgios’s father, Giorgos, first noticed that skill when Kyrgios As a child, he hit the ball with his fingers from a wire attached to a steel pole. He never missed. Soon Kyrgios was learning the sport on dilapidated courts near his parents’ home in Canberra. After work, his father, an Greek house painter, would take him to hit a bucket full of balls.

“Still wears the same overalls he walked off the boat in,” Kyrgios He spoke of his father who paints still houses. “He must have been exhausted.”

Norlaila his mother is from Malaysia. for Health care organisations would be able to drive for He and his brother spent hours getting them to tournaments. The two of them stayed in backpacker hostels, and they tried to get $20 for dinner. for His siblings and he ate in a cheap Indian restaurant on the farm.

He knew very little about tennis from his parents. Tennis Australia and the Tennis Authority for His provincial region filled in the gap. Kyrgios His breakthrough victory was at 19 when he beat Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon.

This almost cost him his life. That win, and the expectation it brought about, was almost enough to make him cry. Kyrgios He believed he could solve all problems on his own. When he couldn’t, he lashed out, at tennis officials, the media and the people around him.

After a year of flirting with quitting, but showing glimpses of his magic game, he finally gave up last fall. Kyrgios began to realize he didn’t have to do it all alone. He was able to talk to his insecurities, fears, and fragility to his closest friends and family members and they were able to help.

“Knowing that I am not alone anymore and I can kind of open up and talk to people, now that’s a big one for me,” He stated. “It’s OK to, you know, feel like having to cry some days.”

He decided that he wasn’t tired of being disappointed in himself and other people. Before last year’s Australian Open, he embarked on the kind of solid six-week training block he had not done in years. He played alongside top competitors for Each day, he worked out in the weight room for about 90 minutes. He played full-court basketball for two hours per week, his true love. Top Australian players helped him to improve his fitness.

Ask for A scouting report was done on the hoops team by him. He put it this way:

“Loves shooting mid-rangers.” “Can shoot a three-ball pretty good.” “Play like a wing.” “In the corner.” “Come off picks.” “Pretty versatile.” “Can guard a big.” “Pretty physical.” “Like Tobias Harris in his prime.”

He also ate well and put more emphasis on sleep than getting drunk.

He had already won the doubles title with Thanasi Kkinakis, his childhood friend and countryman, by the end January for He won his first Grand Slam Championship. After that, he opted for a more healthy lifestyle at Wimbledon. He was even forced to get out of his pub in the early hours of the morning to watch the match. However, his brilliant tennis didn’t come without numerous encounters with chair umpires. He also had a heated verbal-sparring battle with Stefanos Tsitsipas during which Tsitsipas attempted to hit. Kyrgios With a ball.

Djokovic defeated him in four sets in the final, but he was disciplined throughout the U.S. Open. In the fourth round, Djokovic defeated Daniil Medov, the champion and top seed, before being eliminated by Karen Khachanov, Russia’s quarterfinalist. Tired from the entire season as well as playing at night for broadcasters to maximise the TV audience, he took the first flight home. He then played one final singles tournament.

Kyrgios Roman Safiullin will be playing, an unknown Russian player, in round one Tuesday.

Now what?

TennisA M.R.I. is a sport like no other. of the soul. Kyrgios He knows that he won’t pursue the game with the same clinical efficiency and mental discipline as Nadal or Djokovic. for so long. He will throw and break rackets. It’s a manifestation of how much he cares, he said, and for For him to flourish, tennis needs to be all about his personality, someone who can play with emotion and instinct, rather than as a symphony.

Maybe he will be able to do this, and he might find some peace at the court.

“Not many people can say that they have become a Slam threat, they are going to have the support of the nation, well, the support of some of the nation behind him,” He stated. “Just got to try to enjoy it.”

Find out more KyrgiosThis has been the most difficult task.