A new GOP presidential candidate has been declared Nikki Haley She had an opportunity to stand out from her 2024 rival Donald Trump Fox News Wednesday (Watch the Video Below.)

Instead, she verbally danced. Sean Hannity repeatedly asked her whereabouts. Trump Part on policy Haley More than one time.

Under the leadership of former South Carolina Governor and U.N. ambassador Trump Her candidacy was officially declared earlier today. She pledged to move Americans “past the stale ideas and the faded names of the past” While calling for competence tests for pols above 75.

These remarks can be interpreted as digs at President Joe Biden (80) and the former president Trump, 76.

She went to extreme lengths to prevent rattling Trump’s cage on Fox News.

“If you had to delineate where, say, you and President Trump differ on issues, where would you start?” Hannity asked.

Haley Answered that she had no plans to withdraw her candidacy “makes liberals’ heads explode” And was given this non-answer “Look at everything that’s wrong in this country and tell me we don’t need new leadership. But the difference is we need new generational leadership. We have to leave the status quo. We have to leave this chaos behind and we’ve gotta start talking about the future.”

Haley Her plans included tackling issues such as food prices, the impact of COVID on children and spy balloons. Washington has too many residents, said she. “past their prime,” Reiterating her demands for term limits, and testing for legislators over 75.

Hannity was again tempted to engage Haley Find out what sets her apart Trump.

“Where do you see — if you see — policy differences beyond what you mentioned, which are generational differences? What specific policy areas would you say part with Donald Trump?” Hannity was asked.

“What I am saying is I don’t kick sideways,” She said. “I’m kicking forward. Joe Biden is the president. He’s the one I’m running against.”

Haley Multiple primary fights are planned against Trump in 2024, but this seemed to have slipped her mind.

It was her evasiveness about Trump has been published on “Hannity” previously. It may reflect the delicate balance GOP candidates must maintain to avoid angering the former president’s resilient base.