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Nintendo surprised everyone with a surprise announcement Direct This week’s show off the games it’s launching in early 2023. Tears of the Kingdom announced a date for Pikmin 4’s release. Nintendo has also released their quarterly financial reports this week. The report revealed the following: Switch Sales are declining. Also, sales are slowing down. the game, the Direct It was also shown the A console that is six years old still holds its value.

The Direct It was predominated by nostalgia, which was in large part due to its dominance. the Form of remakes and masters of older Nintendo consoles. You got the Metroid Prime remaster, the Advance Wars: We knew it was coming! Baten Kaitos Remastered is a re-released Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. There’s also a Samba de Amigo title, We Love Katamari remaster, and another Ghost Trick. Nintendo also plans to release Game Boy titles. Switch Online service. This isn’t even touching on the Fact is that the Headliners the Show more the Long-standing Zelda/Pikmin franchises.

Meanwhile, Sony and Microsoft — Nintendo’s console-making brethren — are engaged in a nasty war of words. While the The legal regulators are such as the U.K.’s Competitions and Markets Authority, have expressed reservations of the deal, the Two companies seem to be more focused on one another. Microsoft has subpoenaed financial information from Sony to be part of the Federal Trade Commission lawsuit. According to Axios, Sony says, “Microsoft’s demand for performance reviews for SIE’s leadership is obvious harassment.” Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision told the Financial Times, “I think this is all Sony just trying to sabotage the transaction.”

To cool off this week, I’m going to return to Metroid Prime with the remaster. I’ll also be playing Octopath Traveler II, hopefully getting enough time under my belt to review it. There are many games available. the upcoming weeks, even if some They are all


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