MOSCOW: Kremlin On Monday, the Russian government stated that it is not considering calling up additional Russian soldiers for combat in Ukraine by a second. round of mobilisation.
Russia has called up more 300,000 reservists in support of what it calls its “Reservists for Russia” program. “special military operation” In Ukraine, a controversial mobilization drive was launched in September.
This movement sparked hundreds of Many thousands of Russian men fled Russia to avoid conscription and set off the largest anti-Russian protest.Kremlin Since February when Moscow sent its troops to the country, protests have been ongoing across the country.
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, stated that he had stopped the mobilization drive at the conclusion of October, but has not repealed an official decree that provides legal basis for the draft. This has caused concern among those who claim the Kremlin It is keeping its options open for the future round of call-ups.
When reporters asked Russia if it was planning to launch a missile at the US, they replied that they did. new round of mobilisation, Kremlin Dmitry Peskov, spokesperson for the company, stated that “I can’t speak for the defence ministry, but there are no discussions in the Kremlin about this.”