Brooklyn teen Officials said that the victim, who had been stabbed and jumped by gang members early this week, died on Saturday.

Nyheem Wright (17) died Saturday at Maimonides Medical Center after succumbing, officials said. He had a punctured vein and a collapsed lung.

“I spoke with the young man’s principal this evening, who described him as a joyful leader. He was on the verge of graduation, and was a hard worker who took an active role in leading other young people at his school,” David Banks, Schools Chancellor said on Twitter Saturday night.

According to police six teen Nyheem Wright was 17 years old, and boys chased him. in Coney Island after school Friday.

They were able to catch up him around 3:20 p.m. in The Rite Aid parking lot at Mermaid Avenue/W. 30th Street. This is where they left. him With a mortal stab Wound in Cops stated that the trunk was a problem.

17-year-old Nyheem Wright died about 24 hours after being stabbed.

Police on scene.
According to the NYPD, these teenage attackers were part of a gang.


Crime scene.
Wright was attacked about one mile from his school.


Nyheem was taken to the nearest hospital. in Critical condition, with collapsed lung and punctured blood vessels Councilmember Ari Kagan said. The teen Approximately 24 hours after the incident, he died.

According to police, the teenagers were part of an organized gang. Police have made no arrests.

Nyheem was a living legend in According to Kagan, Seagate was a senior at K728 Liberation Diploma Plus highschool, which is about one mile away from the scene.

NYPD officers stand outside 3001 mermaid avenue in Coney Island were a 17-year-old was stabbed.
NYPD officers standing outside 3001 Mermaid Avenue in Coney IslandThe scene where a 17 year-old girl was stabbed.
Peter Gerber

“This week our students repeatedly suffered from senseless acts of violence, and tonight we mourn an utterly tragic loss of life,” Banks said.

Nyheem’s murder closed out a violent week for New York City teens that included the shooting death of a 15-year-old boy outside a Bronx recreation center Thursday.

An earlier pack of seven appeared in this week’s merchandising. teen A 17-year old boy was twice stabbed by two boys in Back in broad daylight in Queens, a 16 year-old girl who shot an NYPD Officer in a Bronx gunfight.

A 13-year old boy set fire to two Queens High School students waiting for the bus on Wednesday.