New York City cops Are no longer Allowed detain people while checking if there’s a warrant for their arrest – unless they believe the person committed a crime or is about to do so, according to a settlement filed in Manhattan federal court Friday. 

Updated language in the patrol guide — filed in the settlement — says cops You will have to be flexible people When officers finish their assigned task, they cease.

“Once the tasks tied to the reason for the stop are completed or reasonably should have been completed, a person may not continue to be detained to search for a warrant,” It says. 

It NYPD Previously detained people while Looking for Information that leads to an arrest
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It NYPD previously – and unconstitutionally – detained people while Run a database check for Offen warrantsAccording to the seven-page lawsuit, this includes investigation cards, and any other information that might lead to them being arrested. people They were also subject to stops. 

According to the Settlement, five plaintiffs were paid $36,000 by the city. The $417,000 legal fees will be covered by the city, according to a spokesperson. for The city Law Department stated. 

NYPD does a sweep of Canal Street vendors selling knockoff designer goods.
Five plaintiffs will be paid $36,000 by the city, and $417,000 for legal fees.
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A spokesperson dismissed the news. NYPD They are not to be considered as practice. “clarified” Existing policy. 

“The NYPD is committed to upholding the constitutional rights of individuals, and has agreed to clarify existing policy to make it clear when officers can run a warrant query during a detainment,” Nick Paolucci said.