An irate motorist Was caught on camera attacking an NYPD traffic agent After he was ticketed in Police say that Brooklyn was open for business on Monday

The male agent was issuing a parking summons to the suspect’s vehicle in Front of 1602 Avenue Z in The confrontation took place at Sheepshead Bay just after 1 p.m., police said.

Surveillance footage supplied by The NYPD shows the man, who wasn’t in He was standing in front of his car, his arms outstretched, at the time in Belief before you approach the agent He was walking along the sidewalk, and he was a few inches away from his face.

The agent He can be seen shaking at the motorist As they yell at one another, The man then flicks the camera. agent’s cap off his head before pushing him in The clip shows the chest.

The agent Then, he pushes back.

The motorist The flicked agent’s cap off his head before the shoving began.
Man attacks officer
The motorist’s pants fell down after he pushed the officer into a parked car.

The two of them are fighting each other. motorist Grab the officer’s hand by the collar and pushes him back into the hood of a parked car — as his pants fall down, video shows.

The motorist Escaped the scene in the ticketed vehicle — a yellow 2022 Volkswagen GTI with a New York license plate.

The traffic agent Transported by EMS to Coney Island Hospital in Stable condition