Stockton Rush is the OceanGate The founder CEO The pilot who was in the Titan’s submersible at the time of its catastrophic collapse this week commented last year on certification programs.

The TIt is a good idea to get a hold of someone had a carbon fiber design that’s been criticized by various experts, including filmmaker The following are some examples of how to get started: ocean explorer James Cameron, who called it “completely inappropriate” and “a horrible idea.”

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, on Thursday the Titan imploded while it was traveling from the United States to Canada. Titanic All five of the passengers are presumed to be lost in a shipwreck.

GeekWire summit talk Rush recalled that in October last year, he said:

“There are certifying or semi-certifying agencies…these programs are over-the-top in their rules and regulations, but they had nothing with carbon fiber. So we had to go out and work on that. And one of the things I learned is, you know, when you’re outside the box, it’s really hard to tell how far outside the box really are. And we were pretty far out there.”

Rush was repeatedly told by experts to get the Titan certified. Rob McCallum runs an ocean exploration company. shared emails with the BBC This shows him speaking with Rush about the matter. 

“I think you are potentially placing yourself and your clients in a dangerous dynamic,” McCallum writes. “In your race to Titanic you are mirroring that famous catch cry: ‘She is unsinkable.’”

Rush replied he was “tired of industry players who try to use a safety argument to stop innovation,” McCallum claimed that the exchange was ended by McCallum after McCallum threatened legal action. OceanGate’s lawyers. 

The Other Side in McCallum wrote an exchange: “Until a sub is classed, tested and proven it should not be used for commercial deep dive operations…I implore you to take every care in your testing and sea trials and to be very, very conservative. As much as I appreciate entrepreneurship and innovation, you are potentially putting an entire industry at risk.”

Rush responded “I am well qualified to understand the risks and issues associated with subsea exploration in a new vehicle.” 

The interior view of an aircraft OceanGate Submersible in a 2021 interview Rush said that he was a fan of the Spanish YouTuber alanxelmundo. “I have broken some rules to make this…The carbon fiber and titanium—there is a rule that you don’t do that. Well, I did.”

McCallum told the BBC that: “If you steer away from sound engineering principles, which are all based on hard-won experience, there is a price to pay, and it’s a terrible price. So it should never be allowed to happen again. It shouldn’t have been allowed to happen this time.”