GREENVILLE, S.C. — Miami’s defense was playing at its peak. Hurricanes forced the Louisiana State star forward Angel Reese to miss all nine of her first-half shots in Sunday’s round-of-8 matchup in the women’s N.C.A.A. tournament. L.S.U. won the halftime game, a game in which statistics indicated Miami should have prevailed. L.S.U. led by 6 points.

The trend continued throughout the second half. L.S.U. Although L.S.U. the Tigers’ defense stifled Miami even more, and L.S.U. 54-42 to win to move to the Final Four For the For the first time since 2008.

Reese was given the name the most outstanding player in the Greenville 2 Region’s 32nd Double-Double of the Filling season the Box score: 13 points, 18 rebound, 4 assists and 3 steals. Alexis Morris was the Tigers’ leader with 21 points. the The first half of the meeting was filled with mistakes. L.S.U. plays Friday in Dallas L.S.U. will be playing the winner of Monday’s game between No. 1seeded Virginia Tech, No. 1-seeded Virginia Tech and No.

“I am the comeback kid,” said Morris, a fifth-year senior who played at Rutgers, Baylor, and Texas A&M. Morris wearing the The basketball net that she just removed around her neck was gone and it was time to go. Final Four hat, added: “I beat it. I beat the odds.”

Players cut down as confetti fell. the They gathered together in a circle, and then danced around midcourt. Coach Kim Mulkey at her most authentic. the popular griddy dance. By the End of the Mulkey was celebrating walking around the arena barefoot.

“I want to put a championship banner there some day,” Mulkey, who hails from Louisiana, added: “South Carolina, I’ve said it from Day 1, is an unbelievable team and should win it all. But I’d sure love to be in that championship with them.”

Mulkey joined L.S.U. After 21 seasons of play and three Baylor championships, Mulkey joined L.S.U. two years ago. With a relatively new team, nine of the Tigers’ players were added to their roster for this season. Morris was the Returned starters only

“We don’t have to win a championship to see how much they love us,” Mulkey said of L.S.U.’s fan base. “I think they are going ‘What are we doing in year two? Are you kidding me?’”

Reese was one of them. the Newcomers who have moved from Maryland to the Off-season for a new start, and to enjoy moments like the According to her, Tigers played on Sunday.

“We were underdogs all year and now to be in this moment; It’s just so joyful and exciting,” She added: “I think that was what was important for me. And I needed Coach Mulkey. That’s just what I needed.”

Each team missed two-thirds or more of its shots. The combined teams scored just one 3-pointer in their 27 attempts. the Tigers’ Kateri Poole hitting the After L.S.U., there was only one. He was in complete control. “If you sit here and tell me L.S.U.’s going to shoot 30 percent, 8 percent from three, and 57 percent from the free throw line I’m thinking I’m cutting down a net right now,” Katie Meier is Miami Coach.

Meier said she thought Miami’s defensive plan worked, and pointed to Reese’s low field goal percentage. But the Strategy opened the Door for Morris whom Meier credits as “the reason they’re out there and I’m sitting in here right now.”

Each team committed a lot of offense during the first half on Sunday. The teams snarled open shots, and then turned the Ball over, and I struggled to find my rhythm.

“If I was watching this game, I’d turn it off,” Mulkey spoke in an ESPN interview before the broadcast. the fourth quarter.

The second half wasn’t much cleaner. Still, Reese’s rebounding created second-chance opportunities for the The Tigers capitalized on layups to increase their lead and cruise to the win.

Haley Cavinder (Miami starting guard) and Destiny Harden (Miami defense), have been among the Hurricanes’ scoring leaders in their three upset wins in this tournament, combined to finish 1 of15 from the With 5 points, field. Almost all of Miami’s offense came from Jasmyne Roberts, who finished with 22 points and scored 18 of Miami’s first 27.