The Florida OnlyFans star Accused of killing Her boyfriend in According to the report, April made more than $3,000,000 from the sex-soaked adult website since 2020. prosecutors.

In a filing arguing against a bail package, the Miami State Attorney’s Office said Courtney Clenney The adult site was able to collect a staggering $1.806,003 in 2021 and $966.692 in 2020.

Clenney Another $327,221 was earned through August.

Prosecutor Khalil Quan claimed in These are the legal documents Clenney’s millions make her a flight risk who should remain behind bars pending trial.

He also mentioned that ClenneyAfter she had fatally stabbed Christian Obumseli as a cryptocurrency trader, 26-year-old Judith wired $1,184,000 to her father. She claimed that she did the transaction to conceal her assets as the investigation progressed.

Look bloated, sluggish and unattractive in A red prison suit in Court Tuesday Clenney Sobbed so prosecutors She made the 911 call as Obumseli (27) was dying.

Miami Det. Miami Det. Clenney Obumsli has been killed in He was defending himself, but the new evidence has changed his opinion.

OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Appearance in Miami Court, November 15, 2022
Courtney Clenney
Clenney She is accused of murdering Christian Obumseli.
Only Fans model Courtney Clenney
Prosecutor Khalil Quan claimed in These are the legal documents Clenney’s millions make her a flight risk.

“I learned that Christian was always the one trying to calm the situation down,” Briceno said. “Based on the messages and everything else. He was always the one getting hurt. And the defendant is the one unable to control herself and hurt him.”

Clenney — who used the name Courtney Tailor on OnlyFans — claims that she killed Obumseli in Self-defense. He has been portrayed as a stalker and violent threat.

But prosecutors You claim that she was primary aggressor in He was a toxic partner and brutally murdered in A fit of rage.

Also briefly mentioned by the detective Clenney’s bountiful earnings from her OnlyFans account, and she told the court that she had millionaires in At the time of her arrest, her bank accounts were in a mess.

Quinan’s motion argued that Clenney Obumseli was routinely battered over the course their union. He was even stabbed. in One time, he was able to slit his leg with a knife.

Courtney Taylor Clenney
Since 2020, the Onlyfans model has made more than $3,000,000 from the sex-soaked site.
Miami Dade Corrections and Rehab
An OnlyFans model allegedly stabbed her boyfriend
Miami Det. Miami Det. Clenney Obumsli killed in self-defense.
Instagram / @courtneytailor

Clenney’s attorney, Frank Prieto, attempted to poke holes in the detective’s methods Tuesday, noting that Clenney Obumseli had called security during a fight in Las Vegas and asked why he hadn’t marked that detail in His notes.

Prieto also questioned Obumseli’s damaging recordings made during his frequent fights. Clenney These have been released by prosecutors.

“He knows he is being recorded, right?” He asked the detective. “If you know you’re being recorded you’re going to say what you want to say, right? That person has an advantage to know he’s being recorded, yes?”

One clip was released by prosecutors As Obumseli pleads with her to calm down, it appears that she called Obumseli “the n-word”.

An OnlyFans model allegedly stabbed her boyfriend t
In their Miami condo, she stabbed her boyfriend.

According to the defense attorney, Clenney was being attacked the night of the slaying, and that additional evidence will demonstrate Obumseli’s own aggressions.

The bail hearing will continue Wednesday afternoon with testimony by a medical examiner.