OpenAI has launched new features beta Features for ChatGPT Plus members right now. Subscribers have reported that the update Included the Uploading is possible files Multimodal support is also available. Basically, users won’t have to select modes like Browse with Bing from the GPT-4 dropdown — it will instead guess what they want based on context.

The new features will add a splash of the Office features provided by its ChatGPT Enterprise Plan the Subscribe to a standalone chatbot. I don’t seem to have the Multimodal Update on My Own Plus Plan, but I Was Able to Test out the Advanced Data Analysis seems to be working as expected. Once the The file is fed through ChatGPTIt can take a while to digest the file before it’s ready to work with it, and then the Chatbot can Use prompts to summarize data, answer questions or generate data visualisations.

The chatbot isn’t limited to just text files. On Threads, a user posted screenshots A conversation in which they are both involved uploaded A picture of a capybara is shown. ChatGPT DALL-E 3 and create an image in the Pixar style. They iterated upon the first image’s concept by uploading another image — this time of a wiggly skateboard — and asking it to insert that image. For some reason it put a hat on it, too?