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Palestinian gunmen Stormed the a hospital in Jenin and seized body of a young Israeli Druze A civilian who was in a car accident in Authorities on both sides of the West Bank of The conflict was resolved Wednesday. The gunmen Are demanding The return of The bodies of Palestinians murdered by Israeli They said that troops were their priority.

Tiran Ferro was the victim. in Israel Defense Forces (IDF), said Tuesday that the incident occurred alongside another civilian. in A statement. He is a member of The Druze The Sunday Review interviewed leaders from minority communities and other community groups.

Ferro’s father told Israeli Media The teenager was alive and removed from life support in A hospital A group of Palestinian gunmen.

The Sunday Review was told by Akram Rajoub, the governor of Jenin, that Ferro had died when he received his funeral. body It was taken.

Ferro’s faTher said: “When we were in the hospitalWe stood there. in Front of The intensive care unit. My son was connected via the ventilator, and had a heartbeat. I was there with my brother, my son and suddenly we were a gang. of 20 masked men entered and screamed in the room. We stood there and did nothing.

“They kidnapped the body in front of my eyes,” Ferro’s father told reporters on camera.

The Jenin Brigade is a Palestinian militant group based in The West Bank refugee camp in The Sunday Review obtained a statement stating that it was holding this body of Ferro demanded that Israel turn over all of the documents bodies of IDF kills Palestinians in Israel’s possession. The group claimed it also raised the state of Alert among its members in Anticipation of Israeli Storming the Jenin camp by forces

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lepid vowed Wednesday “the kidnappers would pay a heavy price” if Tiran’s body The item was not returned “Israel has proven in recent months that there is no place and no terrorist that it does not know how to reach.”

Lapid claimed that Ferro was celebrating his 18th Birthday on Thursday.

Tor Wennesland (UN Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process), is involved in Negotiations with the Palestinian group for the release of Ferro’s body According to a spokesperson, the Ambassador was able to return to Israel.

The IDF said Ferro and another person had entered Jenin via the Gilboa-Jalame crossing, which has since been closed following Wednesday’s explosions in Jerusalem.

The other party involved in The accident left them with severe injuries.

According to the IDF, body of The remains of the deceased were taken from The hospital He is expected to return to Israel soon. “as a required humanitarian act.”

After the blasts on Wednesday in Jerusalem, Israel’s Ministry of After a security assessment, Defense decided to close Gilboa–Jalame crossings. A spokesperson for the Coordinator said that this was after the coordination of all the necessary measures. of Government Activities in The Territories (COGAT), stated.

For months, tensions were particularly high in Jenin amid a surge in Armed attacks Israeli This year, troops and civilians.