The Carolina Panthers Have fired Frank Reich after 11 David Tepper, the owner of the games, announced it on Monday morning. Chris Tabor, the special teams coordinator at Tabor’s Special Teams, will serve as interim head coach.

The day will end with the Panthers Sources in the league said that they also fired running backs coach Duce Stealey and quarterbacks coach Josh McCown.

Reich’s firing comes two weeks after he took over play-calling duties from offensive coordinator Thomas Brown — three games after Brown was given the task of assuming responsibility in Week 8. Carolina’s record dropped to 0-10 in Sunday’s 17-10 loss to Tennessee Titans.

Tepper announced that Brown would resume calling offensive plays, with Jim Caldwell as his special advisor.


A stadium takeover, a 3-TD loss for Panthers. Will history repeat itself?

The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other 11 games, Reich’s tenure Second-generation ethanol is the most popular ethanol.shortest In NFL history, this is the highest award for a coach who has coached one regular season game. The San Francisco 49ers have fired Pete McCulley after Start with a 1-8. 1978 season.

(Two head coaches didn’t make it to the regular season; Bill Belichick resigned as New York Jets coach after George Allen was fired on a single day by the Los Angeles Rams in 2000 after Two preseason games were played in 1977.

It is important to note that the word “you” means “you”. Panthers You can hire someone to help you with your hiring. Reich In March, the team traded for the No. 1 pick in 2023 NFL Draft. The Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Bryson Young was selected. In March, the No. 1 pick for the 2023 NFL Draft was traded. The Heisman Trophy winner quarterback Bryce Young was selected. However, under ReichYoung’s passer rating is 74.9, making him the lowest of the three quarterbacks chosen in the first round. The Panthers Also ranked 30th with 265,9 yard per game in offense.

Reich Steve Wilks was promoted to interim coach. after Carolina fired Matt Rhule in the wake of a poor start to 2022. The Panthers NFL record is the worst after In 2022, the goal is to reach 7-10.

Carolina traded the 2024 pick of the first round to the Chicago Bears, which is how it acquired Young.

Reich He was fired by the Indianapolis Colts after a four-plus-year run of 40-33-1, including two playoff appearances and one post-season win. He was fired after A 3-5-1 start for the 2022 season.

It is important to note that the word “you” means “you”. Panthers This is the second time this season that a team has changed their coaching staff. The Raiders also did it, firing Josh McDaniels. after eight games.

What is Reich’s downfall?

Tepper is sold on Reich’s offensive credentials and his ability to bring in a big-name staff that included former coaches (Caldwell, Dom Capers) and several up-and-comers. Young was supposed to have an entire building of QB whisperers. Except it didn’t take.

It is important to note that the word “you” means “you”. Panthers have been near the bottom in the league offensively, Young has struggled and the offense didn’t improve after Reich Brown’s play-calling has been reclaimed. Reich Look defeated after Sunday’s loss at Tennessee, where Tepper dropped an F-bomb and shook his head after The locker room is exited. — Joe Person, Panthers Staff writer



Panthers’ anemic offense and 1-10 record led to only choice — firing Frank Reich

Who will Tepper be targeting?

Monday’s announcement didn’t address the future of general manager Scott Fitterer, who is thought to be on shaky ground after Young is not providing enough playmakers. Tepper is expected go after Another offensive coach.

Ben Johnson, the Lions’ offensive coordinator, was his first choice in winter of last year. However Johnson opted out. Tepper almost certainly will make another run at Johnson and don’t be surprised if he tries to make a splash with someone like Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh or Belichick.

But Tepper’s history of firing coaches and being hands-on could give proven coaches pause. — Person

Why did McCown and Staley get the boot?

Before diving into that question, it’s important to note that Reich’s ability to assemble a supposed all-star staff was a big reason why Tepper hired him. Now it’s all being blown up 10 months later. Tabor decided to let McCown go, who was still in his first season as an NFL assistant. Staley had also worked with Tabor. Reich Philadelphia. With Caldwell taking on a more active role, Tabor seemingly wanted to streamline the process and have fewer voices in Young’s ear.

As for Staley, he was overseeing the NFL’s 29th-ranked rushing offense and had a hand in the decision to sign former Eagles back Miles Sanders, who has been unproductive in his first season in Carolina. — Person

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