NBCUniversal will not offer a free membership tier for new customers Subscribing its Peacock You can stream it. Beginning January 30th new Peacock customers To access the content on the platform you will need to subscribe either to Premium Plus ($9.99/month) or Premium Plus ($4.99/month) as first reported by The Streamable.

A great deal of marketing for Peacock’s streaming debut in 2020 focused on the free membership tierYou can even introduce the service along with the tagline “free as a bird.” It free membership ads supported the site and allowed users to access a restricted number of Peacock content. Users who are already registered will still have access to this content free tier Of PeacockAs will Premium Peacock Subscribers who wish to leave their paid subscriptions membership.

Peacock It is still running at a loss even though they have reached 20 million paying subscribers.

The Streamable According to a source at NBCUniversal, he sent a similar message as an NBCUniversal spokesperson reached by VarietyThe ). membership We would welcome change Peacock For a better understanding of the issues, its Premium membership Offerings that the company believes are the most effective. for customers To experience this service.

Peacock has It was possible to improve its The total number of paid subscribers has increased to 20million from the 9 million in 2012. This increase is likely to be due to the broadcasting Premier League soccer matches and the popularity of original shows, like Dr. Death, Bel-Air, The four first seasons of Yellowstone — all of which require a Premium membership You can watch the entire video. The rapid rise in popularity of Peacock’s latest original series Poker Face It is likely that additional subscribers will be attracted to the platform by paying a premium.

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