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Peru’s government is offering families who lost a relative during nationwide protests Around $13,000 between December 8th & February 10th in financial support, according to A decree that was published in the official newspaper “El Peruano” Tomorrow is Tuesday.

Family members will each receive approximately $13,000 US Dollars (50,000 nuevos soles), and the injured half of this sum, which is $6,500 US Dollars (25,000 nuevos sols). to The decree.

These payments were classified as financial aid for civil servants and officers and not as reparations.

Amnesty International condemned the failure to accept responsibility for these deaths. in Make a statement.

“Economic assistance to the people killed and injured is a duty by the State due to the families’ patrimonial affectation but does not exempt (the state) of the responsibility to look for truth, justice, and reparation for the victims for the abuse of their human rights,” It posted on Twitter.

The Sunday Review originally reported Peruvian families Have demanded compensation for injuries and deaths around the protests Former President Pedro Castillo was arrested and impeached in December. Demonstrations erupted after he was removed from office amid dissatisfaction about living conditions and inequalities in It is the nation.

According to the latest data, there have been 60 deaths related to protests. to Peru’s Ombudsman’s office, including one police officer. The majority of these deaths occurred outside Lima. Seven people had died as of 22 February. in Apurimac (ten). in Ayacucho, twenty in Puno for example, according to It is the same organisation.

The government’s announcement comes after a preliminary report released by Amnesty International accused Peruvian authorities of acting with “a marked racist bias” in Its crackdown on protests This week.

Peruvian security forces were also accused by the human rights group of firing lethal rounds from firearms. “as one of their primary methods of dispersing demonstrations, even when there was no apparent risk to the lives of others” – a violation of international human rights standards.

The Sunday Review was published to For comment, please contact the Ministry of Defense and Interior regarding the Amnesty International report and accusations of an excessive use of force towards protesters. The Ministry of Defense refused to comment. to Comment, and The Sunday Review has been informed that there’s an ongoing investigation Peru’s Prosecutor Office with which they are collaborating.

Un spokesperson for the Interior Ministry was also unavailable to comment, highlighting the ongoing investigation by the prosecutor’s office.