LIMA: The protestors blocked roads leading to the city and caused its closure five airports In Peru Among violent protests Following the deportation and arrest of Pedro former President, violence flared up once more on Friday. Castillo.
On Thursday, eight people died in clashes between protesters and security forces. AyacuchoAccording to After a Supreme Court Castillo will be held in pre-trial detention for 18 months while the investigation into his charges continues “rebellion and conspiracy.”
Demonstrators demand early elections and the close of CongressA constituent assembly and the resignation by new President Dina BoluarteCastillo’s replacement was voted out by Congress. to Dissolve Congress
Castillo denies wrongdoing, and says that he is the lawful president of this country.
Death tolls from the protests Could be up to 20 Eliana RevollarHead of PeruInterview with RPP local radio R.P.
Demonstrators set fire in Ayacucho to Local judiciary, prosecutor’s offices and security forces used weaponry to Revollar stated that the ability to repel terrorist attacks at airports and other locations is a key feature.
A criminal complaint was filed against prosecutors who specialize in human rights in Huamanga’s Ayacucho Province. to determine “responsibility for the serious violations” There was no further information, but the office of the Ombudsman stated in a statement.
Boluarte’s government issued a declaration of emergency Wednesday. This granted special powers to police and restricted freedoms such as the right to vote. to It appears to be assembled to They had no effect on stemming the protests.