British IT executive died From a fentanyl overdose during a trip To Disney World in Florida, his wife and their young son. A UK court heard.

Philip Weybournea 40-year old Middle East director of Excis Compliance Limited died on Just the third day of his family A hearing into the cause of vacation in May of His death was reported.

He went out drinking alone after what his wife, Dorlyn, described as “a relaxing day” drinking champagne during “the best lunch,” according to The Times of London on Sunday.

Two hours later Weybourne I went to a bar in Disney’s Yacht Club that night, someone came to his family’s hotel room to tell them he’d been raced to a hospital in Celebration.

“I asked them if it was heat stroke or a heart attack,” The UK paper reported that his wife made a statement to the Kent court.

Weybourne died After drinking champagne in the evening, go out alone. “best lunch” His wife and their young son during the course of their relationship Disney World trip In May, the inquest was heard.
Facebook / Phil Weybourne

Weybourne His wife arrived at the hospital to find him dead. Doctors initially thought he was still alive. died of cardiac arrest.

However, a post-mortem examination later showed he’d actually had fatal levels of fentanyl His system.

“This must have been very difficult and distressing for Mr. Weybourne’s family,” Catherine Wood, assistant coroner was present at the hearing.

UK IT exec Philip Weybourne with his young son.
Weybourne died on Only the third day of His Florida trip With his wife and young son, the UK court heard.
Facebook / Phil Weybourne

“I don’t know the circumstances that led up to his death as Mr. Weybourne died in another country,” The official stated.

However, Weybourne “had no underlying health issues and I am content, after the findings of the autopsy, that his death was caused by fatal levels of fentanyl.”

Weybourne’s family After the inquest, they stated that they didn’t wish to comment further. “We spoke about Philip’s life at his funeral. It is time for closure,” They told the UK Times.

The synthetic opioid has a maximum of 50 times stronger than heroinA dose of only 2 milligrams — the size of Two grains of rice — can prove fatal. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionMore than 71,000 Americans died of fentanyl overdoses last year — almost 195 a day — by far the biggest cause of The total number of fatal overdoses is 107,622.

Anne Milgram, Drug Enforcement Administration Administrator (DEA), has called it “the single deadliest drug threat our nation has ever encountered.”

“Fentanyl is everywhere. … no community is safe from this poison.”