Two Polish citizens were killed in an explosion close to the border with Canada. Ukraine on Tuesday, Polish authorities said after an emergency meeting of the country’s national security and defense council.

Investigations are ongoing into the cause. a Piotr Müller, a government spokesperson, stated. But the explosion — on a Day that Russia launched a broad missile attack on Ukraine, including territory just across from the site of the explosion — raised anxiety as local reports suggested Russian weapons were to blame, a Prospects that have greater consequences could be a sign of a larger problem Poland’s membership in NATO.

At a Pentagon briefing in Washington Brig. Brig. PolandHowever, he stated that U.S. defense officials did not have any corroborating evidence.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, is currently in Bali, Indonesia. a Meeting of Group of Twenty, briefed about the reports out Poland Andrzej Dzua will be speaking to you. Poland Soon, the White House will announce.

Przewodow is about four miles north from the Ukrainian border. The explosion occurred.

Russia’s Defense Ministry denied any involvement. On Telegram, The ministry stated that statements made by Polish officials and media outlets regarding Russian missiles striking the village were not allowed. a “deliberate provocation.”

“No strikes on targets near the Ukrainian-Polish state border were made,” The ministry wrote.

According to Mr. Mueller the spokesperson of the Polish government, special procedures have been implemented, including the placement of certain military units at a Alerted to the possibility of triggering Article 4 of NATO charter. He indicated that the Polish government was also looking at the possibility to trigger Article 4 under the NATO charter. This allows members to consult with each other. a A nation feels that its territorial integrity or security is being threatened.

Russia launched a Massive missile attack on Ukraine on Tuesday, with roughly 90 missiles aimed primarily at the country’s electrical infrastructure. Ukraine’s Volyn region, where Russian rocket strikes were reported on Tuesday, lies across the border from Przewodow.

The explosion’s proximity to the border raised the possibility it could be the result of an errant missile, or the remains of one that had been targeted by Ukraine’s air defense systems. According to the Ukrainian air force, 70 Russian missiles were shot down by their aircraft on Tuesday. A fragment from one of the destroyed missiles was hit a Residential building in Kyiv that killed one.

Although the explosion was caused by an unknown cause, Poland remained unclear — including whether it involved munitions or was instead the result of some other cause — Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, seized on reports of possible Russian involvement, calling it evidence of “a very significant escalation.”

Mr. Zelensky made reference to Poland’s membership in NATO and blamed Russia for what he called an “attack on collective security.”

Since the invasion began Ukraine’s Western allies, including the United States, have sought to keep the fighting limited to Ukrainian territory and avoid direct confrontation between the alliance and Russia, even as they have supplied a Kyiv receives a steady flow of weapons.

Jens Stoltenberg was the secretary general for NATO and said he had been in touch to Mr. Duda to offer his condolences. He stated that NATO was closely monitoring the situation, and allies were in contact with one another.

“Important that all facts are established,” He wrote on Twitter.

Vedant Patel, a A spokesperson for the U.S. State Department stated that the United States is working with the Polish government as well as other NATO members to collect more information.

When asked whether any damage could be considered accidental or intentional, he replied, “Of course that is something that would be important.”

Matina Stevis Gridneff, Steven Erlanger, Julian E. Barnes, Richard Pérez-Peña,, Michael Crowley Carly Olson Contributed reporting