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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Pope Benedict XVI funeral: Pope Francis leads funeral for predecessor, a first in modern times

Posted on January 05, 2023, 5:24 pm
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The Sunday Review

Pope Francis He was remembered as a great friend and mentor. Pope Benedict XVI Thursday, in a funeral attended by tens of thousands of mourners at St. Peter’s Square.

This event was the first occasion in modern times This a The pontiff presided over it funeral of his predecessor – and the first Never of one who has resigned. BenedictThe first Pontiff in It took him almost 600 years for his resignation, and he still held office for Life: Died at 95 years old on December 31st, a monastery in Vatican City

The occasion was simple, just as the Pope wished. “It’s difficult to have a simple service in St. Peter’s Square, but I think it was,” Father James Martin a Jesuit priest, writer and editor, told The Sunday Review’s Max Foster and Bianca Nobilo on The Sunday Review Newsroom.

“You have to have some pomp and ceremony for a former pope, but I think within the guidelines of what Pope Emeritus Benedict wanted, it succeeded very well.”

The event was attended by approximately 50,000 participants funeral in St. Peter’s Square according to Vatican spokesperson Matteo Bruni, with many members of the crowd calling for Consecration of the late pope a saint.

Comparing to an estimated 1 million people, the attendance is much lower for The funeral This is Benedict’s predecessor, Pope John Paul II. There were approximately 500,000 persons. in St. Peter’s Square and the surrounding area in 2005 and 600,000. in Other parts of Rome

John Paul II’s funeral This was the biggest gathering of heads-of-state outside of the United Nations. There were nine monarchs in the delegation, as well as 70 presidents or prime ministers.

Over the six days between John Paul II’s death and his funeralAn estimated 3,000,000 people visited St. Peter’s Basilica to say their last goodbyes. Each hour, 21,000 people passed through St. Peter’s Basilica. Average wait time to see Pope Francis was 13 hours. The longest line at its peak was 3 miles.

On Thursday, approximately 60.000 people could sit in the square, as religious and dignitaries lined it. for It was a beautiful ceremony. Petr Fiala (Prime Minister of the Czech Republic), was also present. in The Sunday Review Prima affiliate reports attendance.

It was similar in style to the one of a With some adjustments, the reigning pope. Benedict Named pope emeritus in the funeralHe was the last reigning pope at the time he died.

Francis He began leading Thursday’s mass, where he offered his prayers. a Homily at 10 a.m. Local time (44 a.m. ET). Members of the crowd participated later in a Communion.

Benedict’s coffin was transported through the Basilica and transferred to the Vatican crypt for The burial in The first John Paul II tomb. The tomb was vacated after John Paul II’s body and remains were moved to a Chapel in the Basilica, after he became a saint.

As Benedict’s coffin was carried to St. Peter’s Basilica, many members of the crowd could be heard chanting “Santo Subito,” This is a Call for The Pope Emeritus to be a Saint immediately

“God’s faithful people, gathered here, now accompanies and entrusts to him the life of the one who was their pastor,” Francis As he gave the homily, he said these words.

“Like the women at the tomb, we too have come with the fragrance of gratitude and the balm of hope, in We want to express our love for him with undying affection. This is what we want with the same love, wisdom and tenderness he has bestowed on us throughout the years. Together we will say: ‘Father, into your hands we commend his spirit.’

“Benedict, faithful friend of the Bridegroom, may your joy be complete as you hear his voice, now and forever,” Francis added.

Members of the faithful, including Georg Gänswein (second from right), archbishop of the Curia and longtime private secretary to the late Benedict, are in attendance.

When the burial is performed during the ritual a Webbing was wrapped around the coffin to seal the seals of both the Pontifical House and the Apostolic Chamber. Inside was the cypress coffin. a A zinc coffin can be soldered, sealed, and then placed in the interior. a A wooden coffin was used. Bruni claims that the dead are buried.

It is anticipated that the ceremony will end around 11.15 a.m. Local time (05.15) a.m. ET).

A number of high-profile dignitaries, including Queen Sofia from Spain and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, are expected to be there funeralJoe Donelly is the US Ambassador for Holy See.

Benedict's coffin was carried through St. Peter's Square.

Cardinals paid tribute to the former pope.

Benedict Pope was elected in April 2005 following John Paul II’s death. He was well-known for being more conservative than his successor. Pope Francis, who has made moves to soften the Vatican’s position on abortion and homosexuality, as well as doing more to deal with the sexual abuse crisis that has engulfed the church in Recent years, clouded Benedict’s legacy.

Scroll that was placed inside Pope Benedict XVI’s coffin, which is a His biography includes a brief history and highlights some of his most significant moments. “firmly” It was fought against.

“He firmly fought against crimes committed by members of the clergy against minors or vulnerable persons, continually calling the Church to conversion, prayer, penance and purification,” The scroll stated.

It was a sad day for political and religious leaders, such as the US President Joe Biden, Rishi Sunak (British Prime Minister) and Dalai Lama.

Around 200,000 people, including the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Moloni and President Sergio Mattarella paid respects to him earlier in this week at his lying-in.in-state in St. Peter’s Basilica.

A public view of Benedict He finished Wednesday before going to an intimate religious ceremony during which items such as coins and medals made over the course of his tenure were presented. a Scroll down to see the Pontificate placed in his sealed Cypress Coffin before the funeral.

Meloni paid homage to “enlightened theologian” Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in a Tweet on Thursday

“Today in St. Peter’s to bid a last farewell to Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus. Enlightened theologian who leaves us a spiritual and intellectual legacy of faith, trust and hope,” Meloni tweets after the funeralShe attended.

“We have the task of always preserving and honoring it and of carrying on its precious teachings,” Elle added.

It was previously revealed by the Italian government that both European and Italian flags were to be at half-staff across Italy’s public buildings on Wednesday.