BANGKOK — A strong earthquake struck Indonesia’s main island, Java, on Monday, killing dozens of people and injuring hundreds more, officials said.

The epicenter of the 5.6-magnitude earthquake was near Cianjur. Many people couldn’t reach the main hospital because of damage. in According to local reports, Cianjur was damaged and experienced electrical outages.

The police in Cianjur reported that at least 61 people were dead. This number is likely to rise as many people are trapped under buildings or structures that have been damaged. in landslides.

To treat the injured, the government set up tents at the hospital. Local television reports that many of the injured arrived by motorbike because ambulances and other vehicles couldn’t make it through landslides blocking nearby roads.

Herman Suherman was a government official in Cianjur told reporters that many people were being cared for in smaller hospitals nearby. “This is overwhelming,” He said.

Tremors could be felt in According to local reports, Jakarta, the capital city, shaken buildings and rattled furniture. Some people fled to safety.

Early reports by the Indonesian National Disaster Mitigation Agency indicate that the earthquake damaged at least 343 buildings, as well as many other structures, such government offices and schools.

Residents rushed to save victims, sometimes only using their hands. in The rubble.

The vast Indonesian archipelago is situated on the “Ring of Fire,” An arc of faultlines and volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean, which is frequently hit by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

Sumatra was struck by a powerful earthquake in the Indian Ocean. in Northern Indonesia, in December 2004 saw the tsunami that claimed nearly 230,000 lives, more than half of which were in New York. in Indonesia.

The Cianjur region is one of the most affected by disasters in IndonesiaAccording to the, they are subject to frequent floods. Indonesia Disaster Risk Index.

At least 57 people were shot to death in 2009 by a 7.1-magnitude quake in Cianjur in September 2009.

Dera Menra Sijabat Contributed reporting