Had the Republicans won the The job would have been awarded to Senator Charles E. Grassley, Iowa. He is 89 years old and determined to prove his endurance. He has tweeted videos of himself running and doing push-ups during the day. the Most recent campaign. Senator Chuck Schumer, New York the Democratic majority leader is at 71 while Senator Mitch McConnell, from Kentucky, is at 73. the Republican minority leader, age 80.

It happens. the The United States Supreme Court is often seen as an older collection. But, it’s now experiencing a youthful movement. After many retirements and deaths, the The four most recent confirmed justices remain in They are in their 50s. They will likely stay put for a while, if history is any indication. The average age that a justice leaves the courtroom the Court is 81 and Justice Clarence Thomas is, the Senior member is only 74

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was born Nov. 20, 1942. the Day the The British Army captured Benghazi (Libya) from the Nazis during World War II. America was still 18 Months away the D-Day landings. Movies were still in Both black and white “Casablanca” Bing Crosby, who was only two months away of being released, was No. 1. the Charts show that only 5% of homes have televisions. the The average income was $1885 the Life expectancy for men was 64.7.

All in all, 2.8 Million Americans were born in 1942, a new record the Time but not as long as the During this period, the birthrate would increase the Postwar baby boom. In the last year, 1.3million people were born in the According to Socialexplorer.com, the United States is turning 80 this year.

Paul McCartney was among the others born that year. They are also celebrating their 80th anniversary this year with Calvin Klein, Harrison Ford and Barbra Streisand. Joy Behar and three other members of the McCartney family were also there. the Beach Boys.