Just a few short weeks have passed since the Netflix documentary was revealed. “Harry & Meghan” Although the first bombshell was dropped, there will be many more from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He is eagerly awaiting his memoir “Spare” Bookshelves were flooded with the revelations that they contained on January 10.

However, in an interview with The Telegraph, Harry He revealed that he had cut many of these revelations. “Spare” To protect his brother Prince William and King Charles III’s father. “The first draft was different,” He said. “It was 800 pages, and now it’s down to 400 pages. It could have been two books, put it that way. And the hard bit was taking things out.”

Harry Additionally, he said there were certain things between himself and his brother and dad that he wouldn’t want the rest of the world to learn about. “I don’t think they would ever forgive me,” He explained.

He also revealed that he had sufficient material to write two books. Harry He also stated that the ultimate goal of the book was to improve relations between the royal family, the media and society. According to the Duke of Sussex, he only wants to see things improve for future generations of royals. “This is not about trying to collapse the monarchy – this is about trying to save them from themselves,” He said.

Extracts from the book were released to select publications on January 5. Later that day, the Spanish edition of the book was accidentally published early. This led to many people being able to get a copy. More details were also revealed via social media. The Guardian The first person to publish an extract of which Harry He recounts how his brother attacked him physically. Prince William. The excerpt is here Harry He writes about the alleged altercation at Nottingham Cottage in 2019, which took place on Kensington Palace’s grounds. Harry To the floor.

Another heartbreaking excerpt, this one from People, Harry Writes about how he drove through Parisian tunnel where Diana, his mother, died. He wanted to live her last moments and get closure.

“Spare” Diversifies into many topics such as HarryThe challenges of growing up as a public figure, his experience with mother’s loss, and the treatment he and Meghan received were all factors that led to their decision to step down from the role of working royals. POPSUGAR did not receive a response from Kensington Palace.

Harry More details are available in his book, ITV special, “Harry: The Interview,” Tom Bradby, Jan. 8. “60 Minutes” You can get something special on the same day. “Good Morning America” Interview with Michael Strahan, Jan. 9. Stephen Colbert was the last interview he did with Strahan. “The Late Show.”

Continue reading for shocking memories. “Spare.”