A Papua New Guinea-based archaeologist, and an Australian-based archaeologist were among those who participated. released Penny Wong, Australian foreign minister, stated Sunday that she was released from captivity by an armed group who took her hostage in a remote region of Papua New Guinea a couple days ago.

“I welcome news from PNG that all hostages have been released and will soon be reunited with their families,” Wong said on Twitter.

Academic, Bryce Local police reported that Barker and the other hostages had been held captive by twenty armed men. The time and place of the kidnapping were not known by police.

Barker, a New Zealander living at the University of Southern Queensland (Australia)

An archaeologist with his team was conducting fieldwork at the Southern Highlands provincial of South Pacific’s poor South Pacific nation, when they were held hostage by an armed group.

Friday’s release was confirmed by Papua New Guinea officials. The last three hostages — the professor and two Papua New Guinea women — have now been freed safely.

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape The final three hostages had been secured, “through covert operations” Without having to pay the ransom of $993,000

“To criminals, there is no profit in crime,” He posted it to Facebook.

Wong expressed gratitude to the Papua New Guinea government, for helping him achieve a peaceful and safe resolution.

“Also thanks to the Australian and NZ officials who helped support this outcome,” She said.