ATLANTA — Hundreds of The site was accessed by activists of Proposed center for police and fire training in Atlanta’s wooded outskirts on Sunday, burning police and construction vehicles and a trailer, and setting off fireworks toward officers stationed nearby.

The Atlanta Police The Department stated that 35 people were currently in detention. It also said that the agitators had also been throwing large stones, bricks, and Molotov cocktails.

On the second day, destruction took place of What is meant to be a weekly series of Demonstrations to protest the construction of The Atlanta Instruction in Public Safety CenterThe City plans to build a 85-acre campus.

This complex will include classrooms as well as an amphitheater. It also includes spaces that allow law enforcement officers to simulate high-speed chases and shootouts. Spaces where firefighters can train and learn how fire trucks work and handle blazes. It is often referred to as Cop City by its opponents.

They used it as cover. of A peaceful demonstration “to conduct a coordinated attack on construction equipment and police officers,” The Atlanta Police in A statement is made by adding more pieces of construction equipment were destroyed. However, it was unclear if anyone had been hurt.

Protesters and police have been agitating over the forested areas. in These are the most recent months. Environmental advocates want the woods — which span more than 1,000 acres — preserved as one of the region’s most significant green spaces. Some activists worry that this development will lead to more urban sprawl. of The training facility will allow for increased militarization of police officers. Shortly after, those opposed to the centre began organizing against it. Atlanta The City Council approved it in 2021.

January saw a clash as demonstrators were pushed out by the police. of the woods left a 26-year-old protester, Manuel Esteban Paez Terán, dead and a state trooper seriously injured.

On Sunday, many demonstrators — a subset of The several hundred demonstrators who came and stayed behind in an area where music was playing — wore black and camouflage, their faces masked, as they trudged through tall grass and mud to the construction site, uprooting small fences along the way. While the vehicles were lit up, officers from law enforcement watched but did not respond.

The following are some examples Atlanta Police The helicopter flew above the protesters. The protestors returned to the area where they had been gathering since Saturday. There, live music was being played through speakers. Multiple law enforcement agencies responded including the Georgia State Patrol. The authorities then converged in that area to detain people.

Cost of The planned center is in DeKalb County is approximately at The amount is $90 million. Atlanta Police Fundraising for Foundation of it.

Anti-development activists began planning their week of Protests took place on Saturday, with a rally and a march through South River Forest. There was also a music festival and an arts and culture festival.

Neelam Bhogra Participatory reporting